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Kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna is now an NFT and will be auctioned

Jhon Shearer, the photographer who captured the legendary kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna in 2003, put the iconic photo up for sale as a non-expendable token (NFT). The sale will be made through an auction on the Cryptograph platform, which was the one that made the announcement on its Twitter account.

Thanks to the Ethereum ERC-721 and ERC- blockchain technology 2665 that uses the Cryptograph marketplace, a work can be tokenized so that no one can falsify it, or steal it. This is what Jhon Shearer did with the photo he took of the kiss of Madonna and Britney Spears. In this way, the buyer ensures that it is original, unique and eternal, since it will be in NTF format for life.

The NFT auction starts today , Thursday, October 7, and will end in 72 hours. That is, on Sunday, October 10, according to TMZ. The price will be stipulated in Ethers (ETH), the only currency that the site manages, unlike other marketplaces that generally accept stablecoins.

It is unknown what the initial value of the bid will be, but Considering the significance of this capture of Madonna and Britney Spears, it could go quite high. NFT collectors have already shown that are willing to pay any sum of money when they are interested in a work of art. For example, the work of the artist Beeple “The First 5,000 Days” was sold for USD 70 million months ago, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

At the moment, in Cryptograph there are NFTs that are worth from USD 880 (ETH 0.25) to USD 272,517 (ETH 77.35), according to the current change reported by the CriptoNoticias calculator. The most expensive is a drawing made by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, which represents a mathematical formula that would change the dynamics of financing public goods.

The NTF of the kiss of Madonna and Britney Spears hides a charitable end in Cryptograph

Cryptograph was founded three years ago by Hugo McDonaugh, Edouard Bessire and Guillaume Gonnaud. Since 2018, they offer a marketplace where different artists can sell their works on NTF under a charitable cause. Jhon Shearer, who is the author and owner of the rights to the photo, will assign part of the proceeds to GLAAD , the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

John Shearer, America’s acclaimed star photographer, enters the world of NFTs. Source: squarespace.

GLAAD’s role is to train LGBTQ advocates and media writers to make their voices have a bigger impact. Its objective is to accelerate the naturalization of the group that has genders and sexual orientations different from those traditionally more accepted.

Let us remember that both artists of pop music have always watched over the LGBTQ rights and found in that kiss a way to express their support. A fact that was so momentous for the time that everyone still remembers it today. It happened upstage during the 2003 Video Music Awards show.

At that time Britney Spears was 21 years old and, as an admirer of the queen of pop, she wanted to A tribute. That is why she opened the show singing ‘Like a Virgin’ as she emerged from a wedding cake dressed as a sexy bride, just as Madonna did in 1987. The show culminated with the controversial kiss that today, 18 years later, will become a non-fungible token (NTF).

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