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Karine Jean-Pierre fried over “Orwellian” tweet promoting “0% inflation”

President Biden’s top press secretary charged of lying on Wednesday in tweet promoting “0% inflation in July” – even though federal data showed that the consumer price index up 8.5% year over year.

“We just received news that our economy had 0% inflation in July, White House Press Service. secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tweeted. on Wednesday.

“While price of some things went up, price of other, like gas, clothes and more fallen.”

Jean-Pierre also hailed the fall in gasoline prices, which she called “the fastest in decade” that “saved American families with two cars $106 per month on average.”

In the same tweet thread, Jean-Pierre wrote that “real salary went up for in first time in nearly year”. She is also urged the House pass Inflation Reduction Act soon as possible” in to “reduce the cost of health care, prescription drugs and energy.”

But Twitter users pushed back against Jean-Pierre’s demands.

White House Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre supported the administrative line that there is “zero inflation” in the country. in July.”
Twitter users pushed back on Jean-Pierre's tweets on Wednesday.
Twitter users pushed back on Jean-Pierre’s tweets on Wednesday.

“Big. No need for The Inflation Reduction Act is more…,” Yossi Gestetner tweeted.

Another Twitter user, Kevin Dalton, posted link to news article stating that inflation was 8.5% in July, writing: “Except complete you lie just said I completely believe you…”

Joel Griffith, research researcher at the Heritage Foundation, posted tweet showing increased prices of key products.

“Inflation is past year of 8.5% is almost a 40-year high,” he said.

One twitter user went so far that add clown facefilter to the clip of Jean-Pierre advertises power of in economy from the podium of the White House press center.

AT rate of    inflation was 8.5% in July - hovering around record levels are not visible in four decades.
AT rate of inflation was 8.5% in July – hovering around record levels are not visible in four decades.

Supporters of however, the administration attempted to clarify Jean-Pierre’s tweet. One noted that the press secretary meant that inflation over in last month was 0%” and that it “did not increase in in past month.”

But another Twitter user responded: “You don’t compare inflation by month. It compares year to year. But you wouldn’t know what.”

Last month, Jean-Pierre was widely bullied. for arguing that “we are stronger economically than we were in history”.

Americans keep riding with higher- than usual food prices.
Americans keep riding with higher- than usual food prices.
Levin-Roberts/Sipa USA

She cited the low unemployment rate as well as “more more than 8.7 million new jobs created” – although critics noted that this was due to the end of Pandemic-related lockdown measures and mass return of Americans to work after vaccination drive.

8.5% rise in inflation last the month was below sharp, growth 9.1% in June, but is still teetering at heights not seen four decades ago.

Core inflation, excluding food and gas prices, rose 5.9% year on year and 0.3% from June.

Analysts have stated that drop in demand led to a drop in gas and energy prices, although this trend could easily be reversed given the unstable geopolitical situation, including the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, and possible hurricanes in United States.

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