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Iranian fire plane join operation when forest hell rages in Balochistan on – Pakistan

The fire plane provided by Iran is expected to start help in efforts to extinguish forest fire that rages from the days in Koh-i-Suleman in Balochistan range said forestry officer Atik Karar. on Monday.

representative for Iranian consulate in Quetta said the Il-76 aircraft is “the largest firefighting aircraft”. in in world and will land at Noor Khan Air Base in Rawalpindi today.

The plane would remain in pakistan before fire was extinguished, representative added.

fire in Shirani Forest started a week ago after area was struck by lightning and has since absorbed hundreds of trees dot the mountain range, home to the world’s largest pine nuts (chilgoza) forested and connecting the provinces of Balochistan, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Now it has turned into a raging hell, forcing several residents of nearby villages to move safer locations. Different types of animals and birds are also threatened by.

Army, provincial and federal disaster management and other departments struggling to put out the flames. Three people already dead, three others were seriously injured.

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The flame keeps on raging in en area 20 kilometers long in Shara Gulgai and 15 km in said Thorgardana, a forestry officer at Kakar.

Commissioner Zhoba Bashir Ahmed Bazai also confirmed Dawn.com what fire spread over within a radius of 25-35 km.

“Date of the pine back more than 1000-1500 years are in forest. Pine begins to bear fruit after 25 years. These [areas] are part of of the world’s largest pine forest in the country, Kakar said.

fire expected to damage a large number of trees. final count of burned trees will be confirmed after fire was repaid, allowing officials to conduct a survey.

Meanwhile, Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Kudus Bizenjo said that the provincial government stepped up attempts to put out fire.

In his statement, he said that all resources are being used and the federal government was also fully cooperating on Instructions from Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Balochistan government relief began work from that day fire started, he said, adding that the Pakistani army is helping in fire fighting.

“Chemicals and water sprayed via helicopters,” he said.

Main minister lamented the “large-scale damage” and said he was saddened by the loss of livelihood related with Forest Shirani.

government would not give up people in difficult times, he assured.

Bizenjo earlier announced 1 million rupees each for families of three people who lost their lives and 500,000 rupees for everyone is injured. He said the federal government would also announce compensation for in fire victims.

“Fire is basically on mountain peaks (10,000 feet high) away from population centers, but continues to spread due to hot weather nature of terrain and dry winds; The nearest village is about 8-10 km from location of in fire”, the Interagency Public Relations Service (ISPR) said in a statement. in statement last week.

Wing of the frontier corps and two army helicopters, with local administration and fees were hired in fire fighting and assistance.

One helicopter was used for drop water and other drop fireball and fire extinguishing chemicals out in fire.

As many as 400 fireballs, 200 fire suits blankets, tents, mats and fire extinguishing equipment were provided by the National Disaster Management Authority through the Balochistan Football Club.

Last week, Prime Minister Shehbaz ordered the authorities to take urgent steps control fire.

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