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For the first time, Eid Namaz is forbidden on the roads: poison | Lucknow news

Lakno: the list out The changes That occurred in Uttar Pradesh since the advent of the BJP to power in 2017, chief minister Yogi Adityanath said UP was known earlier for Riots on Trivial issues, but that was first The time when the Vedas and Eid Namaz are not shown on roads.
he is also She said over one The speakers were lakh removed From religious places and donate them for public Service during listing out His government achievements.

In at least four dozen charts of Center governmentUP stands for number one in terms of implementation. Before 2017, UP was never the hot favorite in Which of charts. State experienced more More than 700 riots occurred between 2012 and 2017, because of Which areas of The country remains under curfew for months. But, in The last Five years, no riots took place in Country ” CM She said.
Yogi Adityanath was speaking around the 75th day foundation Today’s celebrations of RSS-linked magazines, “The Organizer” and “Panchganya”.
The CM also added that “every inhabitant of UP TODAY FEEL SAFE AND women And children You feel especially protected and safe. This is the reason Why hurt al-Abadi?women) rising A voice above the demarcation of sect and religion for BJP”.

“After forming of The governmentViolence has been reported from various parts of country during Ram Navami but UP remained peaceful.”
Usually after council elections, riots are a common incident in countries, but in UP, it can’t take such violence place During the council elections and even after the elections. Ram Navami was celebrated without any violence. to me first the time, more From 1 lakh the speakers were either removed of religious places or their decibel levels down. Now, the same speakers and microphones have been donated to schools and hospitals for public the service ” CM She said.

“UP is heading towards becoming number two economy in Country. But, in The last 70 years, the country managed to achieve only sixth place in terms of Country economy. In the last five years government double the per capita income of people in Yogi said.
The CM also She said how The steps taken by government has led to control on The menace of stray cattle. When BJP government Came to me powerHe. She shut down All illegal slaughterhouses leading To roam stray cattle on roads and in Fields said. “But to face this challengewe set up over He said 5600 cattle shed. The CM He said that UP is also Preparation up a new model Where does CNG . come from? cow The dung will be purchased at 1 rupees per kilogram from people. We have taken all it takes steps Adityanath said.
The CM also he said no just a grand Ram temple running built in Ayodhya but also new life for her also It was injected at pilgrimage sites such as Mathura, Vrindavan and Chitrakoot.


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