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Imran will create an anti-government movement with ROAR rally

Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan – all set contact his party power show in Rahim Yar Khan District in Punjab on Saturday evening, in which he is expected to start a nationwide movement for force in coalition government call early elections.

Imran, deposed prime minister, on Wednesday announced what final phase of his party movement for “Hakiki Azaadi” – ‘real freedom’ – will begin from September 24th.

PTI Leaders in major cities including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar and others have set-up screens in relevant areas to broadcast it live speech.

Since the expulsion from power in April of this year, Imran is holding rallies across the country demanding early and transparent elections.

A day earlier, he said that the “thieves” had taken over country and now received relief in cases of corruption under NRO-II.

Addressing the women’s convention in Islamabad on Friday, former prime minister said he didn’t work politics but wage “jihad” to achieve “real freedom’ for better in the country future.

Referring to the amendments to the NAB law, Imran said that the societies destroyed without rule of law. “The thieves took over country. Every day their cases are dealt with shut”, he remarked.

Imran further said that the poor should be released from prison if powerful cannot be held liable under the law. “What is the fault of poor? Similar of Zardari and Sharifs are everywhere in poor countries where not rule of law, he added.

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