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Imran Khan repeats his call of bring in 2 million people to Islamabad

PTI Chairman Imran Khan Addresses Jalsa in Abbottabad on Sunday, May 8, 2022 – Screenshot via YouTube/geographic news live

ABBOTTABAD: With the planned long PTI march to Islamabad approaching, former prime minister Imran Khan assured PML-N in charge coalition government Sunday that he will bring two million people to the federal capital, regardless of of how many containers they delivered up like obstacles.

“Our opponents say if the temperature is high, then people will not come out. Place as many containers as you want and 2 million people will come to Islamabad,” the PTI chairman said, addressing public meeting in Abbottabad.

former prime minister told his supporters that the current government “afraid” of his passion and added that 11 parties gathered to remove him from power.

The PTI chairman said that when he and his supporters come to Islamabad, the federal capital will be full up with chants of “import Hukomat for manzag” (imported government unacceptable) and “we want real freedom”.

Continuing his claim that the United States conspired to remove him from power, Imran Khan said that the incumbent leadership was involved in process.

“The Pakistani nation will not accept these leaders,” said the PTI chairman.

former prime minister went on to say that he was “never ready to be a part of of war on terror with USA, and he also didn’t want to give air bases in Washington.

“Americans wanted leader like Pervez Musharraf who would have obeyed them upon receiving the only call” Khan said.

Pointing a gun at Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, the PTI chairman said he was “a beggar, a servant and thief”.

“The lies that Sharif family said I didn’t see anyone never spread such lies before,” the PTI chairman said.

He added what when imported government came to powerprices of all goods have increased.

Khan also requested media go shops and inquire about prices of melted butter like they did when he was in power.

former the prime minister said that of United States dollar against pakistani rupee rises when stolen money goes abroad, adding that since then new government the estimated power value of the rupee is declining.

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