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He is already modifying traffic lights in Amazon’s fear

Amazon is so desperate to thwart the union efforts of those working in its Alabama warehouse that it has been able to change the way the traffic lights work.

Amazon has approached county authorities to change the timing of traffic lights near the Bessemer warehouse, arguing that the red and free signals are poorly coordinated, causing the company to lose traffic due to delays due to light changes

In reality, however, the background is that the company wants to do everything in its power to prevent, or at least make more difficult, its employees’ union aspirations.

The method has proved its worth, on the way to the warehouse, which has so far provided an opportunity for workers to organize, the sign is almost constantly green, so you can drive through it without stopping, and they have found that even the most enthusiastic worker is reluctant to stop with other colleagues behind the company.

As is well known, Amazon makes every effort to prevent its employees from forming a union. This has been achieved in the company’s history, but the grace period will soon expire, after which more than 6,000 workers in Alabama will vote on whether to support the union.

The first union the election, which will be held on March 30, will reveal the results, which, based on the news of a series of negative employer attitudes, will certainly not end in a favorable decision for Amazon. And that could trigger a wave across the country that the company won’t be able to easily pocket. This would not only have an impact on the work environment and methods, but would also affect legal and political issues, so it is available if Amazon wants to avoid this situation.

For example, the company is not only looking for traffic lights. welcome, but also engage in anti-union campaign among workers. Workers are bombarded with messages and flyers, and the call is even exposed to the toilet. These distort the benefits of the union and make its formation dangerous

While the company spends significant sums to make the union impossible, employees may have faced Amazon’s record profits in the news while feeling they are being mistreated, practically risking their lives to make a profit. Amazon has opened several warehouses, only 400,000 by the end of October last year, and has a total staff of more than one million, but apparently none of this is felt by the workers who actually pack and move the company’s ubiquitous brown box filling products . There have been many complaints about the almost unattainable performance indicators imposed, which are almost unlikely to be met by non-robotic employees.

Amazon would be in big trouble if a sustained wave of advocacy swept through every warehouse in the company.

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