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FBI Arrest 2 men in DC defendant of impersonate federal officials; 4 Secret Service agents posted on leave

Arian Taherzadeh and Haider Ali allegedly provided “free apartments”, estimated to cost more over $40,000 a year each at DHS employee and members of The US Secret Service, while posing as federal agents, the sworn letter says.

Because of On Monday, four Secret Service agents were posted on administrative leave during the investigation.

The affidavit details the essential gifts the two defendants allegedly gave federal agents.

According to the document, Taherzadeh allegedly provided a Secret Service agent tasked with guarding the White House compound with “a free penthouse apartment.” for one year in cost of about $40,200.

Taherzade allegedly offered purchase $2,000 assault rifle for secret service agent on in first protecting the lady, the sworn letter says.

It wasn’t right away clear if the agent on in first a lady of the court or an agent assigned to the White House complex was among the four placed on leave.

The Secret Service said in CNN statement: “The Secret Service has worked and continues to work, with his law enforcement partners on this is an ongoing investigation. Everything personnel involved in this business on administrative leave and limited access to secret service facilities, equipment and systems. The Secret Service keeps highest levels of professional standards, behavior and will remain in active coordination with Departments of Justice and National Security”.

CNN reached out in DHS for comment.

Taherzadeh and Ali allegedly received machine guns, pistols and other items impersonate federal agents.

Acting Chief of Intelligence DHS steps down    as Biden's appointee is still waiting confirmationActing Chief of Intelligence DHS steps down    as Biden's appointee is still waiting confirmation

According to the affidavit, Taherzade allegedly gave federal agents gifts including “iPhone, surveillance systems, drone, flat screen TV, case for possession of an assault rifle, generator, and law enforcement paraphernalia”, informing the agents that they were paid for by DHS.

The affidavit states that Taherzade also lured a person into research government contractor for department of Defense and Intelligence Community as part of of “hiring process” for National Security Investigation Division of DHS.

FBI agents were seen entering the apartment building in Navy Yard Washington, Wednesday, noon. An FBI spokesman told CNN that the agents were conducting a court-ordered search. location. Source familiar with the situation said that the FBI raid was connected to arrest of two men.

Taherzadeh and Ali’s alleged ruse was exposed when the US Postal Inspector launched an investigation into the alleged attack. of USPS postman in residential complex with two men allegedly had multiple units, according to court documents. The inspector spoke with men as potential witnesses of attacks, and they introduced themselves as investigators with US Special Police investigating January 6, 2021 attack on in the US Capitol, as well as gang activity, the documents say.

During the course of the investigation, the inspector learned that two men gave gifts members of USSS. The inspector introduced information to the DHS office of The Inspector General, who then contacted the FBI, according to the sworn statement.

CNN was unable to identify the lawyers for two men. They are currently arrested and will stand trial on Thursday in US District Court in Washington, DC, before Justice of the Peace G. Michael Harvey.

David Shortell of CNN contributed to this report.


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