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Eyes guarding the earth

Satellites orbiting the Earth play an important role in our daily lives: they provide important environmental and weather data, support communication services, facilitate transport and freight traffic, or perform security tasks. Changes in the state of the Earth

NASA allows us to track Earth-focused satellites focusing on the environment through an amazingly spectacular device called “Eyes on the Earth.” It is an interactive website that provides 3D visualization of the current position of the satellites. dioxide and carbon monoxide values, as well as sea level and soil moisture levels. And the device’s live update today includes even more data sets, according to DigitalTrends

The homepage of Eyes on the Earth shows 21 satellites orbiting our planet. Clicking on the Missions tab displays a list with details about each satellite, including its name and how long it has been in space. If you click on one of the satellites, you can already see the orbit around the Earth, and at the bottom of the screen you can get information about the purpose of the mission on a tab. The available data sets are also shown at the bottom of the display

You can zoom in on the satellite and rotate it for a better view. Moreover, small details are available. For example, in the case of the International Space Station, you can see how solar panels are turning to optimize their exposure to solar radiation.

The Vital Signs tab also provides very interesting information. Clicking the carbon button, for example, displays a visualization of data from NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2, which measures CO2 from the earth to the top of the atmosphere. It is possible to “animate the data” and see the change in CO2 levels over time in a selected time interval.

Thanks to the new update, we can get snapshots of important events in the natural world. “For example, we can see details of the maximum wind speed of a tropical storm, the effects of a fire in Northern California, and even the extent of phytoplankton blooms in New Zealand while receiving information about its importance,” NASA said.

Eyes on the Earth is an incredibly deep channel of information that is easy to get involved in, immerse in, and maybe even lose. But in the end, it’s worth the time as we learn about these important Earth observation satellites and the vital work they do.

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