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Amazon's checkoutless store technology has arrived in Europe

Bloomberg says the AI ​​store will open in London on November 29th. Sainsbury’s calls the store a “Pick and Go” account on its own website, which sounds very similar to the way Amazon calls its no-cash business.

However, the chain does not disclosed whether the technology came from Amazon, all it said on its website was that its supplier was a third party with whom it had partnered. Sainsbury’s uses its in-store machine learning, camera and shelf technology to track what goods are being picked up and what customers are returning.

Why Amazon’s role as a technology supplier is a secret remains a mystery, according to SiliconAngle. The two companies have so far refused to comment on their cooperation, although Bloomberg said they spoke to people “familiar with the matter.” Customers will be able to enter the store using a QR code scanned with their mobile phone and then leave the device. The rest will be handled by surveillance technology. Once customers leave the store, they will pay automatically automatically and will see the bill on their phone. Sainsbury’s wrote on its website that all data will be deleted after 30 days and the store will not use the disputed facial recognition technology.

Amazon opened its first no-checkout store in 2018 and has since the number of “automatic” stores is growing quite rapidly. There are currently 29 locations for the technology in question: in New York, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and London. Sainsbury’s is the first store to be equipped with Amazon technology in the UK and the first outside the US. The largest UK chain, Tesco PLC, opened its first cashless store in 2020 without the help of Amazon using Trigo Vision technology.

An important question for food chains is whether to spend large sums such technology. However, the covid epidemic encourages people to come into contact with others as little as possible and for as short a time as possible. Shops without a checkout allow for much faster waiting, which is a very serious convenience feature. So everything is given for their further spread.

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