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Dengue fever claims another life in ICT

Islamabad: population in this is region of country facing a lot of more intensive phase of Dengue fever outbreak that claims lives of another patient belonging to Islamabad Capital Territory in in last 24 hours taking total amount of patients so far who died of infection from the federal capital to six.

patient who died of dengue fever from islamabad was resident of Union Council Rawat from where one patient It was already lost his life due to dengue fever year. Previously, the infection claimed two lives from UC Tarlay and two from urban areas. in federal capital. It is alarming that three more patients already lost lives due to infection in Rawalpindi area.

According to ICT District Physician Dr. Muhammad Zaim Zia, 104 people have tested positive. for from the federal capital, bringing the total number of dengue cases to 1,923, including 1,150 confirmed cases of dengue in rural areas and 773 cases in urban areas. in Islamabad. To date, six patients died due to infection, including four patients from rural areas and two from urban areas in federal capital. Data collected by “News” on Sunday shows that another 76 patients have tested positive in the Rawalpindi area. in in last 24 hours bringing the count to 1810. On Sunday, 230 dengue patients were being treated at three sister hospitals. in Rawalpindi including Holy Family Hospital, Benazir Bhutto Hospital and District Hospital of who had 152 already was confirmed positive for dengue fever.

According to the Rawalpindi District Health Department, two of hospitalized patients were in critical condition, one on BBH and the other on HFH on Sunday. According to health experts, the incidence of dengue fever was on the continuous growth and outbreak of dengue fever at that time can be called intense. The time has come for individuals to take special care avoid dengue fever. People should take all necessary preventive and control measures within their homes and jobs where mosquitoes have nowhere to grow and feed on people. Experts believe that the most important preventive measure avoid dengue fever is avoid contact with mosquitoes.

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