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in the midst of a struggle over Jhalout’s likely successor, loyalist MLAs tender his resignations

Late night developments, amid the escalating political crisis in Rajasthan, A group of Congress MLAs – Loyalists president minister Ashok Gilot They submitted their resignations to the association’s president, CB Joshi. On Sunday, the crisis erupted when a crucial legislature appeared in Congress party (CLP) meeting was scheduled to take place in the middle of a commotion over potential successor of Jahlout, who he is set To contest the scheduled presidential elections next Month. a group of About 90+ MLAs are believed to have sent their letters of resignation.

After hours over 80 KLA were reportedly seen boarding a bus for speaker house To submit their resignations with a delegation of four members of Shanti Dhariwal, Mahesh Joshi, Pratap Singh and independent legislator Sanyam Lodha relocated to senior Conference leaders Mallikargon out and Ajay McCain that CLP . meeting should It happens after October 19, once the presidential elections are held over people a favour with Developments said. If Ashok Gilot is chosen for the above party postPresident minister should They are recruited from 102 MLAs who I stood beside party during the crisis in 2020 Hm addedreferring to the Sachin Pilot revolt about two years ago.

Congress MLAs – Presidential Loyalists minister Ashok Gilot – He submitted his resignation to Assembly President CP Joshi late on Sunday.

Ashok Gilot and Shashi Tharoor came first in The race of Presidential election for The partyIf electedGehlot will have to leave the CM chair under one man, one post” rule of The party. There is speculation that Sachin Pilot will be Gehlot’s possible successor.

On Sunday, his fans also He said that Gilot should be away of decision industry on The new president minister. to reject pass No decision, hmm left The decision on party Senior leadership to choose next CM for rajasthan, people a favour with Notable developments. MLAs left speaker house It’s 12 am.

earlier in In the evening, Congressional observers Mallicargon outside and Ajay McCain, along with Gehlot, had arrived at the chief minister, the seat where the meeting of the Legislature of Congress was to take place. The arrival of the pilot was also reported.

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The group of Lawmakers – loyal to Jahlot – held a meeting in the state minister Shanti Dariwal’s residence and then left for The residence of House Speaker CP Joshi to submit their resignation.

“All MLAs are angry and resigned. We are going to the speaker for which – which. Dissatisfied with MLAs how Can CM Ashok Gilot takes decision Congress MLA Pratap Singh Khachariyawas said “without consulting them” news ANI Agency.

“CM Gilot should Pay attention to suggestions of MLAs. We have 92 MLAs with us,” he is added.

after Congress won Rajasthan State Assembly Elections in 2018, It was said that there are differences between Gehlot and Pilot over President minister’s post. Then Gehlot was chosen as the president minister for The third time while the pilot made his deputy.

Pilot mutiny against Gilot in July 2020 and camp in Haryana accompanied by MLAs who I supported him. It’s finally announced Returning to Rajasthan after Gandhi family’s. He reportedly reassured him that his complaints would be addressed.

(with input from ANI)

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