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COLUMBIA REGION-area forecast: Mostly cloudy and humid for days

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10:15 — forecast trend for the weekend more unsettled

As we mentioned about last pair of days, there is a high uncertainty in forecast for the weekend, especially on Saturday and Sunday. American (GFS) model advertises occasional showers while a European model before last night, forecast dry, sunny weather. Unfortunately European model seems to be leaning towards the idea of American model and now it shows more clouds and rain for Saturday and Sunday. Both models suggest chance of rain should lesson by Monday, but even then we may not be fully out of forests. It doesn’t mean the weekend will be bad just that the rain can interfere times. We’ll have more Details in future updates as the weekend approaches.

Somewhat subjective assessment of days weather, on scale of from 0 to 10.

3/10: Crying uncle, we’ve had enough; more May rain is mostly pain.

  • Today: Rain in the morning, drizzle in the evening. Maximums: 64 to 69.
  • This night: Cloudy, light drizzle. Cons: 55 to 60.
  • Tomorrow: Cloudy, light rain possible. High: 65 to 70.

Washington second- wettest May over in past decade not need Any help let’s go again with more periods of rain and drizzle for in next a few days. Memorial Day weekend should bring warmer air and sunnier skies, but a dry forecast is still far from blocking.

Today is Tuesday): The rain continues this morning with the most stable activity in the south and east of in city. Rain should narrow down to light showers or drizzle in the afternoon as highs struggle to reach the mid-to-over 60s. Additional rainfall is generally less than 0.25″ although in our far south areas it may pick up Little more. East wind weak, 5-10 m/s. Confidence: medium

This night: The lingering low pressure keeps the clouds and that cool sea air weight in place, with patches of drizzle and light shower possible. Minuses range mid 50’s to about 60’s with light winds from the east and northeast. Confidence: medium

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): Overcast persists due to low pressure shutdown off East coast among cool winds from the east (5 to 10 miles per hour). Light drizzle or light shower remain possible. Maximums again cooler than usual from mid 60s to near 70s. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Cloudy skies as the lows settle in from the upper 50s to the lower 60s. Light drizzle or heavy rain continues to be possible. Confidence: medium

Thursday features coastal low pressure moving away and new low pressure zone from the midwest moving in. Thursday mornings can have partly sunny breaks before overcast sets in. up again in noon with scattered downpour or storm possible. Provided that the warm front can push through areamaxima should rebound to the mid-70s to about 80. There is outside chance we remain in socks in with clouds and cooler. Downpours and storms become more probable Thursday evening under cloudy sky with lows in the 60s. Confidence: medium

Friday features more shower and thunderstorms with predominantly cloudy skies and maxima in upper 70s to about 80s. We could get a partial clear by the end in day. A few clouds may linger Friday night with lows in top 50 to bottom 60. Confidence: Medium

Day of Remembrance holiday weekend ready to benefit from sunnier skies and seasonally warmer temperatures every day. highs around 80 on Saturday should go up to the mid 80’s on Sunday with mid to 80s potentially by monday holiday. Cons every night should range through the 60s against a partially cloudy sky. BUT possible wrinkle is that some computer model Forecasts Stop Thursday-Friday Low Pressure Off East Coast over weekends that will make it cooler and wetter. We will be monitoring this situation closely. Confidence: low-medium

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