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Biden calls COVID ‘tragic’ milestone’ in USA in global vertex

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden addressed world leaders at Thursday’s COVID-19 summit to catch up on the backlog international commitment to attacking the virus when he led the US in designation “tragic milestone” of 1 million deaths in America. He ordered the flags to be lowered half-staff and warned against complacency around the world.

“This pandemic is not over”, Biden said on second global pandemic summit. He spoke solemnly of once unthinkable US losses: “1 million empty chairs around family dinner table.”

Coronavirus killed more than 999 000 people in United States and at least 6.2 million people around the world since its inception in at the end of 2019, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Other estimates, including the American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Nursing Association, put the death toll at 1 million.

“Today we celebrate the tragic milestone here in United States, 1 million COVID deaths,” he said.

The President called on Congress will urgently provide billions of dollars more for testing, vaccines, and treatments that legislators have so far been unwilling to provide.

This disadvantage of Funding – Biden requested an additional $22.5 billion in what he calls critical money is a reflection of the USA of indecisive resolve which endangers global response to the pandemic says.

Eight months after he used first COVID Summit to Announce Ambitious Pledge to Donate 1.2 Billion Doses of Vaccine to the world urgency of the reaction of the US and other countries decreased.

Pulse on vaccinations and treatments disappeared even when more infectious variants rise and billions of people all over the world remain unprotected.

Biden spoke at the opening of in virtual summit Thursday morning with recorded comments and made The fact is that the fight against COVID-19 “must remain en international a priority”. US co-hosts summit with Germany, Indonesia, Senegal and Belize.

“This summit is an opportunity to renew our efforts to keep our leg on gas when it comes to controlling this pandemic and preventing future health crises,” Biden said.

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The US has sent nearly 540 million doses of vaccine to more than 110 countries and the territories, according to the State Department, are distant more than any other donor country.

Leaders announced about 3 billion dollars in new obligations to fight virus along with with master of new programs designed to enhance access to vaccines and treatments around world. But it was far more modest result than last yearmeeting.

After delivery of more over 1 billion vaccines for developing world, problem no longer a disadvantage of shots, but of logistic support to get doses in hand. In accordance with government data, more more than 680 million vaccine doses have been donated. left unused in development countries because they were expiring and couldn’t be injected fast enough. As of March 32 is poorer countries used less than half of vaccines against COVID-19 that were sent to them.

US Assistance to Promote and Facilitate Vaccination overseas dried up Earlier this year, Biden asked for about $5 billion for effort at the expense of others of in year.

“We have dozens of millions of unclaimed doses due to countries not enough resources for build out their cold chains, which are basically refrigeration systems, for fight disinformation and hire vaccinators”, – the press service of the White House. secretary Jen Psaki said this week. She is added that the summit “will be an opportunity to raise fact what we need additional funding to continue being a part of of it’s an effort around world”.

“We’re going to continue fight for more funding is here,” Psaki said. “But we will continue to put pressure on others countries make more to help in world make progress also.”

Congress refused price label for Aid COVID-19 and still refuses to accept up in package as of political opposition to the impending end of migration restrictions in the era of a pandemic on the US-Mexico border. Even after consensus for viral funding appeared briefly in March deputies decided to undress out in global aid funding and focus solely on aid on support up US supplies of vaccinations and medications.

Biden warned that without action by Congress, the US could lose out on access to next generation of vaccines and treatments, and that the nation won’t have an adequate supply of booster doses or the antiviral drug Paxlovid for later it year. He also sound the alarm that more options will come in the spring up if the US and world don’t do more for the global containment of the virus.

“To defeat the pandemic here, we need surpass him everywhere,” Biden said. last September during first global summit.

Demand for Vaccines against COVID-19 have fallen in some countries like infection and death declined globally in recent months, especially as the omicron variant proved to be less severe than earlier versions of disease. For first Since its inception, the UN-supported COVAX effort “has sufficient resources to enable countries meet them national goals of vaccination,” says Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of The Gavi Vaccine Alliance, which opposes COVAX.

However, despite more than 65% of in the world population receiving at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose less than 16% of people in the poor countries were immunized. it’s very unlikely countries we will hit goal of the World Health Organization of vaccination 70% of all people by June.

AT countries including Cameroon, Uganda and Ivory Coast, officials struggled to get enough refrigerators to transport vaccines, send enough syringes for mass campaigns and attract enough medical workers to inject. Experts also dot out that more how half of healthcare workers needed to administer vaccines in poorer countries either underpaid or not paid at all.

Donation more vaccine, critics let’s just say, it would completely miss the point.

“His like donation bunch of fire trucks in countries which on fire, but they don’t have water,” said Ritu Sharma, vice president of CARE, a charity that helped people in more than 30 countries including India, South Sudan and Bangladesh.

“We cannot give countries all these vaccines, but no way to use them,” she said, adding that the same infrastructure that provided vaccinations in The US is now needed elsewhere. “We had to solve this problem in USA, so why don’t we now using this knowledge to get vaccines in people who need most of them?”

Sharma said more investment also needed to counter vaccine mistrust in development countries where there are ingrained beliefs about potential danger of westernmade medicines.

Berkeley Gavi also said that countries more and more people ask for more expensive messenger RNA vaccines made from Pfizer and Moderna, which are not so easy available like the AstraZeneca vaccine, which made up weight of COVAX supply last year.

Options like delta and omicron brought many countries to switch to mRNA vaccines that appear to provide more protection and are in more demand global than traditional made vaccine like those from China and Russia.


Cheng reported from London. AP writer Chris Megerian contributed.


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