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Divya Spandana former Congress social media Show the guns are burning on Twitter

“After I resigned” I deceived Congress of 8 crore was planted and ran away in The news Kannada channels in Attempt destroy my credibility. I was not run Away. I resigned for Personal reasons. I definitely didn’t cheat party of 8 crores. for me mistake He was silent.” With this Tweet on Thursday, former social media head of Congresswoman and Actress Divya Spandana “Ramia”, who He disappeared from the political scene as fast She had done back in Newspaper headlines.

It all started with Spandana’s reaction to Congress State President DK Shivakumar’s statement that Karnataka Minister of Higher Education CNN Ashwathnarayan met Congress leader MB Patel, “Seek protectionFrom interrogation on public platforms in Police Sub Inspector Recruitment Scam.

A day later, Spandana released a tweet criticizing Shivakumar, saying: “People from different sides meet, go to jobs and some even marry into families – I’m amazed @DKShivakumar would say this about @MBPatil who’s a powerful Congressman. He shouldn’t party running elections one Unit ?INCIDIA. “

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Spandana says who – which in waking up of That tweet, she was trolled and abused. share some of The photos said, “So the office has circulated these messages among congressional leaders and volunteers asking them to troll me.” Save yourself trouble – I’ll do it myself. ”

Branded ‘office Karnataka Conference under leadership of Shivakumar. He tweeted: “A humble request to kcvenugopalmp (KC Venugopal, AICC general secretary) please clarify with The media About this whenever you in Karnataka next. The least you can do for I’m Venugopal ji, so I don’t have to live with This is abuse and phishing for the rest of my life.”

Several messages she shared with her spoke of her sudden disappearance as Congress social media head. Someone read, “Where have you been all these years??? Why are you getting up up right Now? Can you let the voters please of mandia know?? “

Another said, “I got into party Because of senior leaders in The party. You have no loyalty to party or voters. can you go back To the state of escape you were in in or delete your (your) accounts. I sure you have enough experience in This is amazing.”

As an actress, Spandana started her political career in 2012 by Youth Conference. In 2013, she won Mandya Lok Sabha مقعد Seat in (a) By-election. I lost in moody wave of 2014 general elections.

What it highlighted is that Congress made it head of that it digital team In the national level, function is took to with Enthusiasm, breath and intelligence repartee the party’s largely sedate account. It was seen receiving the blessing of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

That mission of Spandana ended abruptly. After another heavy loss of Conference in 2019 Lok Sabha general The elections, she disrupted it all social media accounts and announced “Break” from politics. claimed that decision It was taken before results.

Lately, you haven’t been active also in politics Or the activities of Congress, though they are often seen on social media.

source in Congress said more Spandana’s tweet reflected, more than anything, the deeply divided camps within Congress. “that it out in The public The domain that does not have Shivakumar and Ashwathnarayan just Political competitors but further. There are sympathizers in Conference for ashwatnarian and for shivakumar in “The BJP,” the source said.


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