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Archie Battersby: Doctors can switch off the life of a brain-damaged boy support court today rules

The Life of Archie Battersby support may be revoked tomorrow after the court rejected last-minute appeal from him family.

The United Nations has asked for plans to stop the damaged brain 12-year- the treatment of the old one should be delayed while he examines his case in his parent request.

Archie family turned to the UN after the High Court ruled that it in Archie best interests turn off life support and all routes of the appeal has been closed.

UK court of Appeal denied UN request on On Monday, saying doctors would be allowed to stop treatment from Tuesday noon.

This short delay will allow Archie parents file any further complaints with the Supreme Court, the judge said.

Initially, the doctors planned to stop Archie’s treatment from 2:00 pm. on Monday, but agreed to wait for decision before taking any action.

Archie Battersby was in the center of legal battle over life-support treatment


Archie was in resuscitation since April, when he had a brain transplant injury during the incident on home what’s his mother thinks he might be related to online challenge.

Doctors want stop the treatment of the child, who they consider the brain stem dead but its parents want continue his life-sustaining treatment.

Court of Appeal judge Sir Andrew MacFarlane described Archie’s condition. on Monday, saying: “In short, his system, his organs and, ultimately, his heart in process of closing down.

” options [to be considered by] judgment has always been harsh.”

These “options” were either to immediately stop treatment – as a result in Archie death after some time or allow him to die at some point in coming weeks during the treatment that parents described as the time “chosen by God”.

Archie Battersby suffered a brain injury injury in home in April


He added: “Choice, terrible, oh how he is dying. There is no other option. this is how he is dying in coming weeks.”

All three appellate judges delivered a unanimous decision. on Deny UN request to delay hospitalization on Monday plans to switch off life support while his committee on rights of faces with The disabled appreciated the work.

lead the judge said “really nothing of essence or merit” in service of a “delay” that would prevent deletion of life-sustaining treatment.

Edward Devereaux QC, attorney representing Archie. family told the court that it would be “complicity in egregious violation of international law”, rejecting the UN request.

But this argument was rejected by the court. of The appeal that found suitable international the treaty was not incorporated into domestic law.

Claire Watson QC Lawyer for Archie’s guardian, an independent adviser assigned to represent him, said there had been no change regarding her client. view that it was no longer in his best interests for continue treatment, given the “severe” condition of Archie.

Sir Andrew said the case was “very strong in service of refusal to stay” when considering 12-year- old prosperity.

“Each day that he continues to receive life-sustaining treatment is contrary to his best interests,” he said.

Court of The appellate judge concluded that “there should no stay will be granted other than a short stay for the time being for in parents take stock and consider if they want file any further appeals to the Supreme Court.”

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