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Angry scenes at Cardiff airport as TUI cancels mid-flight flight full of passengers are still on runway strip

families were left devastated after travel agency TUI abruptly canceled all holiday package in Tenerife from Cardiff Airport after the passengers already boarded the plane. Vacationers on flight that was supposed to take place off at 13:25, claim he was delayed for an hour and then they waited another hour after boarding the plane because they were told he had a defective part.

But just while it was being repaired, they received text messages and emails from a German holiday the giant informs them that all of them holiday was cancelled. TUI stated that the cancellation was down to “operational and supply chain issues” in combination with inflow of people going on holiday at the moment of year. He assured that all affected customers are entitled to compensation and get an “extra gesture of benevolence” from the company.

Hugh Davis from Portcaul boarded the flight. with 11 other family members for a “special holiday” for his daughter who terminally ill. He said suddenly news of cancellation left their “absolutely devastated” and his children and grandchildren were in tears.

“This was family stroll for my daughter who has terminal cancer. It should have been her last family holiday – And we just loaded off this flight,” said the 59-year-old. “I think it’s a load of motherfuckers they said the engine went down because this plane was flying in from Alicante. If this part was obviously faulty on in way to the airport, what the hell was loaded us? Why did they go through the motions? They knew that this plane was not going to take off.”

He found out of flight cancellation through other passengers on airplane who received emails but he said he hasn’t received yet one. “I called TUI headquarters and got a message right away. down line they deal with this and contact us. So they knew they were going to cancel that flight and a few round country,” he said.

He recalled that the passengers were told to disembark before being taken to the airport terminal and said that someone from TUI would turn around. up to face them. “But it wasn’t her. It was a woman from [another] travel agency,” Hugh said, adding that a rep told them the cancellation was due to a faulty part.

He recalled that the police were present in terminal in case of passengers “kicked off”. He said: “[TUI’s policy] that they should provide another flight. We had it in black and white and showing them.”

asked how important holiday was his family he said his son booked the trip as a surprise for his daughter. “This was special holiday and worse, we asked for my daughter Where’s she wanted go because she recently lost her mother. She is wanted go back to where we are took my wife on holiday for in first time.”

He appreciates family already paid up up to £9,000 at TUI not including all fees for other expenses related to the trip. “All out of pocket, he said. – we put good faith in these people who should moved us to their destination by other routes, and they did not have the decency to do so.”

Disappointed vacationers last week left waiting more than 40 hours to board TUI flight from Cardiff airport to Greek island of Zakynthos.
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Another passenger, James Devitt, recalled that staff were still trying fix plane when bad news was announced. “They don’t even know what happened,” he said. — Staff on the plane is not know Any more than us.”

“Even after we got off plane, we all had to wait for at least another hour and half to receive our bags back also. It was very annoying,” he continued. added that it was “incredibly” disappointing for his family as they were supposed to meet other relatives from Sweden at their destination.

“My wife has mother there will be one,” he said.year-old and his wife were due spend a week with them one-year-old and six-year-old, who he says his “very disappointed”. He was considering booking a connecting flight to Tenerife. instead but said it would be difficult with young children. “I think that we just I’ll try to find something to do around the house.”

The cancellation comes after aviation data company Cirium said it had canceled 291 flights from major UK airports between May 25 and Tuesday. TUI announced it will cancel about six flights at Manchester Airport every day until the end of June. They even called the police in tell irate TUI vacationers at the airport to leave home after the flight already waited eight hours for was cancelled. Meanwhile, last a week of upset vacationers was left waiting more than 40 hours to board TUI flight from Cardiff airport to Greek island of Zakynthos.

representative for TUI UK stated: “We would like apologize to customers traveling on flight TOM6286 from Cardiff to Tenerife today which was unfortunately canceled due to operational issues. Customers affected by flight cancellations will receive full return for them holiday within 14 days.

“May half-term Holidays are always amazing. busy period with many clients want to leave and we understand what they will be looking for forward for these holidays for for a long time.

“Although flight delays and cancellations with us rare, unfortunately, an increase in people going on holidays together with various operational and supply chain issues meant that small amount of our flights were affected. Our teams worked tirelessly on support affected clients, through direct communication and accommodation and transfers if necessary, as well as meals and soft drinks.

“We continue work closely with our airport partners to monitor the situation and provide best possible holiday experience for our clients. got married like thank them for their patience and understanding at this time.”

At Cardiff Airport also contacted for comment.

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