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Trump backs Dr. Mehmet Oz in Senate of Pennsylvania race

Approval came a few months later. of behind-juggling scenes with Oz and others leading candidate in Pennsylvania, Dave McCormick, hedge fund manager. Both Oz and McCormick entered the primary after Trump’s victory. first choice for nominated, Sean Parnell, withdrawn out of in race late last year.

“Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has an amazing opportunity to save America by electing the brilliant and famous Dr. Mehmet Oz. for United States Senate, the endorsement said. — I knew Dr. Oz for many years, like many others, even if only thanks to his very successful television show. He lived with us through the screen and has always been popular, respected and smart.”

Trump went on say that he believes in what Oz’ will one most capable win general elections” and will perform well in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Trump touted Oz’s education and medical career in OK. He also said of Oz: “He even said that I in exceptional health, which made me like even more (although he also I said should lose a couple of pounds!)”

Former first Lady Melania Trump reportedly preferred Oz over other candidates, and in Trump said in his statement that Oz earn in support of women.

“Women in in particular, are drawn to Dr. Oz for his advice and counsel- said former the president on Saturday. “I have seen so many times over of the year. They are know him, believe in him and trust him.”

Despite the longstanding relationship between Oz and the Trumps, there were signs that McCormick had the upper hand to win the nod. His wife, Dina Powell McCormick, was a top manager. national security assistant for Trump in White House. And number of Trump’s trusted aides, including Hope Hicks and Stephen Miller, have signed on to help McCormick campaign.

Jeff Rowe, a leading Republican consultant working for McCormick, tweeted in response to Trump’s announcement that his client “will next Commonwealth Senator of Pennsylvania.”
And Parnell who supported McCormick, tweeted“I am disappointed with this. Oz is the complete opposite. of everything, that made Trump best the president of all my life – he is the farthest from America first of all, and he would be very bad for PA.”
According to the Washington Post, Trump met with McCormick earlier this week at Mar-a-Lago. former Earlier this week, the President told The Post that he would support in in race in about a week.
Oz, McCormick and other Republican candidates will face off on May 17 in primary for seat held by outgoing Republican Pat Toomey. Democrats will also have competitive primary for seat in the Senate and race will one of loudest and probably one of majority expensive, of By-elections in November. He could represent the Democrats best chance of collection up seat of the Republican Party.

Republican Senate Primary in Pennsylvania was already nasty, expensive and violent,” said Patrick Burgwinkle, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Committee on the campaign. “Now Trump’s support will only strengthen this domestic party.” fight, just like he has in GOP Senate primaries nationwide – leaving them ultimate the nominee is badly damaged and out of step with voters who will decide general elections”.

Alex Rogers of CNN contributed to this report.

– CNN Politics

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