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The teaching staff has a political university, says Zardari ahead of no-confidence vote

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) President and Co-Chair Asif Ali Zardari on Saturday said only him party there is a political university, whose students even sit in in government, ARY News reports.

Appeal to the National Assembly ahead of no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan, co-chair of the PPP, called on NA Speaker Assad Qaiser start vote on in no-confidence motion against in prime minister take country and assembly out of political uncertainty.

“Only the teaching staff has a political university, whose students sit there (in in government) and they will soon come back,” Zardari said.

Former PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and PML-N MNA Khawaja Saad Rafiq also called on Speaker Assad Qaiser and the previous Group of Chairman Amjad Niazi start vote on no-confidence vote immediately.

Critical NA session proceedings (follow live here)

After reading of Holy Quran and national anthem, speaker allowed the Leader of opposition in National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif begin his speech.

Speaking on in floor of N.A., leader of opposition in National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif called Thursday a historic day in countries history when the Supreme Court overturned the Vice Speaker’s decision.

“SK decision It was made Pakistan future bright”, – he said and called on the speaker to hold session according to order of The Supreme Court, as its instructions were clear.

In response to Shehbaz, Assad Qaiser assured the opposition leader that he would conduct proceedings in accordance with the law and the Constitution.

“Foreign conspiracy against Prime Minister Imran leads the PTI government should also be discussed in today’s AN session”, – said the speaker during interrupting opposition leader.

This prompted PML-N leader Shehbaz Sharif to tell the speaker that he would be violating court directives by postponing the vote. in movement of distrust.

Assad Qaiser again assured that SC orders would be carried out in true letter and spirit.

After Shahbaz’s speech, Speaker Asad Qaiser presented over in floor Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi.

Foreign minister began his speech by acknowledging that the united opposition has the right to make a no-confidence motion against in prime minister. “Defending the Motion of No Confidence against in prime minister our duty.”

Qureshi said the treasury benches intend fight motion of no confidence in constitutional, political and democratic way.

Qureshi said that Pakistan history is an full of constitutional violations and on On October 12, 1999, the Constitution was flagrantly violated.

Foreign minister reiterated that the opposition is demanding new elections for in last four years; and when Prime Minister Imran Khan suggested, people should to decide the fate of the country, the opposition began to play out the drama and run away from general elections.

Qureshi was of in view that the telegram was presented to the National Security Committee (KNB) and the assembly concluded that it was a sensitive matter.


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