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The nation will hold you responsible if the country falls further: Imran tells the establishment in Rally in Gujranwala – Pakistan

Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan during his speech at party rally in Gujranwala on Saturday, directly contacted the institution and warned that it would be held responsible if the country and economy should have “fallen even more” under the current government.

“I turn to people who there is power”, he said at the Ginnah stadium. “I want ask the agency… way this is government takes this country and economy down … I know What are you call you are neutral but this nation will keep you responsible for in way the country is coming down. They will keep you responsible ’cause you could keep the country from getting bogged down in it’s a swamp, but you didn’t do anything.

“If a economy goes down, national security will be ensured, because then we will more helpless in front of foreign powers. There is still time. Save this country from any fall more”.

Imran reiterated his demand for free and fair elections, warning what failure to do so would mean that his supporters would hold peaceful streets on his call and ensure that their demands are accepted ” force”.

“If they don’t hold free and fair elections, then people ready to take to the streets of Pakistan will hold peaceful protests… or… we will hold elections before force,” he said. “We see them running from the election because they know they will lose even more than before.”

Towards start of speech, he addressed his partyInsaf Student Federation (ISF) and youth in general and said he would need they are both in in light of “things I’m going to say beforehand.”

“What I cook for this nation for … I would need youth of this nation is a lot for Haqiqi Azadi (virtual freedom),” he said.

He said that after his removal from the top of his office, his political opponents foresaw the wave of celebration among public. “But instead in public took take to the streets to protest instead”.

Imran said government tried to suppress it support among public through use of force and tear gas bombardment, thinking that “they will get scared and be mom-dad and won’t be able to withstand the pressure.”

“They still haven’t succeeded and people still came out in every rally. I held rallies for six months and the nation came out in big numbers in each one of them.”

Imran claimed that in Punjab polls, and system was rigged against him to fail through help of “dishonest” chief election commissioner and Mr. X. “They lost in spite of all this, and now their wish is to disqualify Imran Khan.”

He claimed that his political opponents want him “not play in general” and are trying to get him disqualified in court. “They filed a case of disrespect for religion against I even chant against they were raised in Medina.

“They came to pick me up and put me in in jail and I was ready. My bags were packed. I already told you that jail this is small thing. I’m ready give their lives so that my country can get Haqiqi Azadi from them.”

‘I respect the chief of IHC justice will accept whatever he decides’

Imran who should be charged in case of contempt in Islamabad Supreme Court for his controversial remarks against session judge Zeba Chaudhry for approval of the arrest of PTI leader Shahbaz Gill.

PTI Chairman, in his today’s speech, explained that he was just talking of “take legal action” upon receipt of the information of Torturing Gill through his lawyers. He said his reaction was against torture of a person who not a terrorist, but actually an assistant professor at a US university.

“I would not comment on it’s because it’s under jurisdiction, but what was I supposed to say? He was my boss of employees. Shouldn’t I have reacted?”

Imran thanked the head of the IHC justice Athar Minallah for “Giving brilliant verdicts in in past”, adding that “I don’t say that just because I have a business in now his court.

“Whatever he decides, I will accept. He did not let me speak, but if he did, I would explain under what circumstances I made this statement [regarding the sessions judge]”.

“The nation must break the shackles of slavery for Haqiqi Azadi

Previously in in his speech he said that no nation can progress until the chains are broken of slavery, adding that Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah freed the nation from slavery of British but the nation is now suffering with other type of slavery.

He repeated his demand of he was removed from prime ministers office at the behest of foreign powers and through local players.

After video clips of Speech by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, along with United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, in which he assured that any foreign aid would be spent transparently for rehabilitation of flood sacrifices – played on in big screen, Imran claimed that the head of the UN knew that 60 percent of The prime minister’s office fought corruption cases.

He said the nation was also suffers from two other types of slavery: poverty and mental limitation. He said he tried to break former of two, bringing up the poor through the Uniform National Curriculum.

Before it arrival on site, local PTI management took addresses the audience of party workers and supporters.

The rally was last one of in current phase of PTI’s “Haqiqi Azadi Movement” and the upcoming plan were to be made public tonight, as pointed out by Imran himself. in tweet on Friday.

upcoming of In Imran’s statement, PTI leader Asad Umar called on the nation to take to the streets. on Saturday evening in expression of solidarity with the chairman of the PTI. According to PTI twitter feed, his supporters gathered in at least Islamabad and Karachi on in partyx call.

In a video message on On Friday, Imran said that “imported government and its handlers” worked on minus one formula”.

upcoming of rally in Gujranwala, PTI official account tweeted content with “#MinusOneNaManzoor”, indicating where the focus is of Imran’s speech tonight may be.

imran among of a series legal disputes. He is to be charged in contempt of court case, if found guilty, he may be deprived of the right to borrow public office, which would ruin his plan to return prime minister seat.

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