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The Habits That Destroy Your Liver: Excess Weight, Medicines, Alcohol, and More

The Habits and Causes That Can Destroy Your Liver

Due to its structure, the liver has a high regenerative ability, but this ability has certain limits.

Excess Weight

Dr. Natalya Panina, a Russian specialist in liver diseases and nutrition expert, noted in an interview with Gazeta.Ru that the habits and causes that destroy the liver are:

  1. Excess weight.

    She says: “Obesity itself is a cause of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and tumors. Fats deposited in liver cells lead to liver damage, and in some cases, cirrhosis and exacerbation of other diseases.”

  2. Medicines and Nutritional Supplements.

    “Indiscriminate use of nutritional supplements and vitamins, as well as overuse of antibiotics, painkillers, oral contraceptives and even paracetamol can cause toxic hepatitis.”

  3. Alcoholic Drinks.

    “There is no dose of alcohol that is safe for the liver. A dose of more than 40 grams of ethanol is dangerous for men, and more than 20 grams is dangerous for women. Regular alcohol consumption leads to alcoholic liver disease, which over time causes cirrhosis of the liver.”

  4. Foods rich in animal fats and trans fats.

    These foods increase levels of “bad” cholesterol, lead to liver and cardiovascular diseases and increase fructose levels, which contributes to the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

  5. Overgrowth of intestinal bacteria.

    “This condition is exacerbated by indiscriminate use of antibiotics, poor nutrition and lack of fiber in the diet,” she says.

Source: Gazeta.Ru

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