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Taxes on the rich exempted, levied on the poor, Arvind Kejriwal Salams Center

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal slammed the center over taxes and price rise

New Delhi:

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind claimed today government Led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi piling on taxes on The masses but give it up off for the rich. BJP hit backMr. Kejriwal’s challenge prove his claims within 24 hours.

for him comment come middle fight Between the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the opposition parties over The issue of free gifts, orrevdi culture”, which the center claimed was the method of the Delhi chiefs Chief Minister It is often used to keep voters happy.

“They brought the Agnipath scheme saying they don’t have money for pensions. The country has never existed since independence left with number money to pay pension to soldiers, said Mr. Kejriwal.

Prime Minister Modi during the inauguration of highway in Bundelkhand on July 16 had warned people against what he calledrevdi (Sweet) culture ‘under which votes Obtained with promising free gifts, which can be “very dangerous” for development of Country. Amit Malviya BJP Leader also brushed today off Mr Kejriwal’s claims are “shameless lies”.

BJP leaders attacked Mr Kejriwal over Free gifts for The people of The national The capital they claimed caused severe stress on public Finance. Hit backMr. Kejriwal out This is a “free” government helped software people Come out of Guaranteed quality services like Health and education reached the poorest people of poor man.

Where is the center? government’s money He went? Center government shares Far, Alone, Alone of The taxes you collect with the states. Earlier, it was 42 percent. Now it has been reduced to 29-30 per cent. The center collects twice- three times amount of The taxes you collected in 2014. Where is all money Mr. Kejriwal said.

“We are about to celebrate 75 years of independence. The center has imposed taxes. Jihu Shawwal of Poor, which never happened. It’s tough work. tax on jihutax on Shawwaltax on injusticetax on lacytax on paneer…how did that happen bad That the center should impose taxes on food of Poor people, said Mr. Kejriwal.

“Center budget in 2014 was Rs 20 crore, today it is Rs 40,000 crore. Center spent Rs 10 crore on Waiver off loans of super rich people, their friends. If they don’t give up off These loans government no need To tax people their food, they will have money to pay soldiers’ pensions. The government she has also waiver off 5 crore rupees worth of taxes of big and big companies too,” claimed Mr. Kejriwal.

BJP leader Amit Malviya wrote on Twitter that all of Kejriwal’s allegations were “shameless lies”. The center did not give up off Loans but recovered Rs 6.5 crore since 2014-15. The center didn’t say anywhere that Agnifer would cut pension law Project. Modi government has all money for our armed forces. No tax on loose food items. The states impose value-added tax (value added tax) earlier,” Mr. Malviya tweeted.

“the group of The lies continue … the center has not interrupted the allocation of MNREGA. Countries are not able to spend. Modi governmentAyushman Bharat is the largest healthcare program in The world. Kejriwal did not set up one hospital in Delhi. The center is offering free food to Rs 80 crore people, the BJP leader tweeted.

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