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Sue Gray knew of lyrics suggesting Carrie Johnson hosted party, claims assistant | Boris Johnson

Sue Gray knew about text messages offering prime minister wife Carrie Johnson could hosted one more meeting in her Downing Street apartment during the lockdown, a spokesman for Johnson said.

official Whitehall Report at Partygate made no mention of in event which took place on Boris Johnson’s birthday is June 19, 2020. event separately from celebration in the office where both Johnsons were fined by the police.

Labor said the revelation “looks like another cover up”, which “raises additional doubts on integrity of investigation”.

The Sunday Times reported that Assistant No. 10 wrote to the cabinet. secretarySimon Case, after the publication of the Gray report to propose share messages they believed contained evidence of further violation of the law in Downing Street.

It is reported that the assistant is not wanted to forward message exchange with Carrie Johnson to Gray team but proposed in January to come to the Cabinet to show investigators in man and again after the Metropolitan Police closed their own investigation.

At that time of meetings, communication in the room was prohibited. The exception to the meeting was made where the meeting was “reasonably necessary… for work goals.”

Gray knew of texts “as part of of its exhaustive investigation into the alleged violations,” spokesman Carrie Johnson said. on Sunday.

They are added: “Employees were given ample opportunity to present evidence, including these reports and all relevant information was handed over to the Metropolitan Police for the study.

“Dinner Collection in Cabinet room on June 19, 2020 thereafter found to be in violation and fixed penalty notice was sent to Mrs. Johnson among others for for which she unconditionally apologized and immediately paid the fine.”

Grey made link to the meeting in the office in her report saying it lasted for 20 minutes and those who attended, ate food and drank alcohol. Photos have been published of Johnson, Cabinet secretary Simon Case and Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Her long-awaited findings are published on Wednesday, made no references to any other meetings that took place that day.

However, claims threaten to revive anger over scandal with Partygate, which prime minister tried to draw a line.

BUT government the source acknowledged that Gray’s report did not set off “political explosion” that some expected, but added that the consequence is probably lead to “gradual dripping” of other unpleasant details.

One Conservative MP who is believed to have filed a waiver confidence letter in in prime minister expressed similar concerns. “His badthey said of new revelations. it just gonna keep on!”

Angela Rayner, Deputy Labor Leader, said the text messages were hidden and that public “deserve truth about why holding of insulation party in in prime minister apartment on his own birthday was not made public until now.”

She is added revelation “exalts new questions about possible misconduct in public office which must now be subjected to a proper and genuinely independent review” and that “it looks like another cover-up”.

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A cabinet spokesman said: “The report was written impartially and its content reflects the findings and conclusions. of investigation team one.

“As with all such investigation reports, process of receiving official statements from those deemed criticized prior to publication took place. This is the correct and normal process. in So it goes”.

Gray’s report contained only one mention of Johnson’s wife in whom she did not name.

It’s related to the gardening fee on May 15, photo of received by the Guardian, where nearly two dozen Downing Street employees, including the Johnsons, huddled in groups in garden number 10.

Gray said that event lasted for up up to an hour and what prime minister brought cheese and wine down from his apartment.

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