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Spain’s Right-Wing Opposition Leader Fails in Second Bid for Prime Minister, Paving the Way for Pedro Sanchez’s Attempt

Spain’s Opposition Leader Fails in Bid to Become Prime Minister


In a recent development, Spain’s right-wing opposition leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has been unsuccessful in his second attempt to become the country’s prime minister. This paves the way for acting leader Pedro Sanchez to make another bid for office.

Details of Feijóo’s Bid

During the parliamentary session on Friday, Feijóo secured 172 votes in favor of his investiture, but faced 177 votes against. To be successful, he would have needed to obtain a simple majority of supporting votes.

In his previous attempt on Wednesday, Feijóo fell just four votes short of the required absolute majority of 176 votes out of the 350-member parliament.

Next Steps for Pedro Sanchez

Pedro Sanchez, the acting prime minister and leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, now has two months and two more attempts to gain support from the parliament. If he fails, the parliament will dissolve on November 27, leading to elections in January.


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