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Public transport fares raised up government

Fares in KARACHI for The people’s bus was robbed up from 50 to 100 rupees after renewal in route, according to ARY News. on Monday.

According to the details, Sindh government authorized the National Radio and Telecommunications Corporation (NRTC), the federal entity that operates and operates the Peoples Bus Service (PBS) in provinces to raise tariffs of bus route in in city.

Tariffs of routes from R-1 to R-10 except for R-9 are not increased, but the fare of R-9 was jacked up up from 50 to 100 rubles.

Sources said that the operator has increased the fare. of PBS, as it was not commercially viable for run buses on route extended up up to 58 km due to lifting in Prices.

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Formerly Government Department of Transport and Public Transport of Sindh issued a notice for nine routes of Public intra-district bus service.

According to Department of Transportation notice, Route 1 of PBS would start from Khochra Paar and ends at the KPT tower.

second route would begin in North Nazimabad and ends in Landi via Nagin Chorangi and NIPA Chorangi. The third route will begin to Nagin Chorangi and will cover North Nazimabad, the Civic Center and end in Korangi, the notice said.


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