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Microsoft is committed to the right to repair

As environmental considerations become more important, more and more attention is being paid to electronic waste, which is a key factor in reducing it so that we can use our devices as much as possible.

This is a boost. also given to the movement for the right to repair, which wants to ensure that manufacturers do not chain the possibility of assembly to official repair shops, but do everything they can to make the process easier. Microsoft appears to be the first major tech company to take the lead.

However, the Redmonds are not going out on a greener path out of mere goodwill, as the commitment has been forced out by shareholders. As You Sow, a non-profit shareholder advocacy organization, filed a resolution with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in June in an effort to give Microsoft a better insight.

The decision called on the company to explore the potential social and environmental benefits of providing publicly available repair tools, parts and guides. As you Sow and Microsoft agreed on Monday on the petition, according to which the Redmondians nodded that they would commission an independent consultant to work out the necessary steps and implement them by the end of 2022.

“This agreement allows consumers to repair their Microsoft devices outside of the limited service network.”

– comments on the agreement with As You Sow Communication. In exchange for Redmond cooperation, As You Sow revokes FCC decision

Taming Microsoft, which has so far rigidly insisted on official service exclusivity, is another victory for the repair movement, which has won two historic triumphs this year. also harvested. One is that in June the Federal Trade Commission for Consumer Protection (FTC) unanimously adopted a position calling for the right to free repair, and in July Joe Biden’s presidential decree also instructed the government agency to develop the necessary rules.

The country’s eyes are now on other big tech companies, most notably Apple, which receives by far the most criticism for making independent repair difficult. So far, Cupertinos have made so many concessions that they have launched an out-of-warranty program for outside services that partners are free to join.

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