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Mahwa Muitra was asked if she understood “conservation of energy”. to her reply | India latest news

Mahwa Moitra on Friday, speaker in lok sabha on Energy Conservation Amendment Bill 2022. Was asked on Twitter whether she even understand issue And the also On her Louis Vuitton bag.

Trinamol Lok Sabha MP Mahwa Muitra who Often in the center of Vicious controversies unleashed attack on Prime Minister Modi also treated with social media critics in her own style. Louis Vuitton bag by Mahua Moitra also made back on social media When I was asked about the bag while she was talking in lok sabha on Friday on Energy Rationalization Amendment Bill 2022.

Vinay Prakash, Twitter user who He identifies himself as a former government employee, and asks her if she even understands what energy conservation is. Modigy gave me a briefing session This morning after playing straight with peacock in his garden,” Mahwa Muitra tweeted.

As Mahwa Moytra posted video of Her last “Lok Sabha” speech social media The user asked her about her Louis Vuitton bag. She replied, “She gave Modigy to the auction next after his suit.

after, after facing Huge backlash over her comments on It was the goddess Kali, Mahwa Muitra in Speech after the video of to her with The Louis Vuitton bag was spread inside the Lok Sabha. BJP leaders alleged that Mahwa was hiding her bag during the discussion on price rise in the home. Mahua Moitra replied to critics with photos of All the times cut off with The bag indicates that she has nothing to hide about the bag.

As Mahwa Muitra spoke on Bill, she step in right directionbut the government He has a super talent of Ignore what’s important and focus on titles. For example, when should Looking at GDP, we are instigated by government to focus on DP (display Pictures),” she said.

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