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Ladakh confrontation: No complete swipe back for Now: The Tribune India

Tribune News Service

Ajay Banerjee

New Delhi September 17

like India and China work to sort out Trouble along the line of Actual Control (LAC) in East Ladakh, multiple reasons prevent India from de-escalation of its forces and equipment Or remove them from their current jobs.

Decoupling verified in Gojra Hot Springs (Guard Point No. 15) on September 13 was just a dip of The sources said the forces are a few kilometers away. positioning of Troops along the LAC was”new Natural and the same will be taken into account in planning of The sources said that until the situation returned to the level before April 2020.

Calmness and mitigation will be adopted on how Things were criticized out, they said. About 8000 to 10,000 soldiers will be deployed in Rear parking along the LAC in Eastern Ladakh in Days before April 2020, a count that has gone up multiple after deadly Clashes in the summer of 2020.

Terrain is main reason Why complete Disengagement may not be possible. While China packing can be done within two days, for India may take two weeks or even more during The winter months (October to April) are when passes closed. Tibetan plateau on Chinese side allows Deploy quickly while the Indian army has to pass high passes like Khardung La, Chang La, or Tasak La if they will send troops in vehicles From Les to Latin America and the Caribbean.

after standing-offChina built new Roads, bridges and underground missile shelters. expanded air the rules added more Fighter planes, radars, and even heavy weapons air defense systems like S300. All this is visible by observing India system.

a new The road that China is building will provide a much shorter link between military training field in Shahidullah (Xinjiang) and the East of Dipsang (in Indian control). will enable China to skip The current G219 highway and ensure Availability of in thousands of Trained troops in a short time.

Both sides have thousands of Fully armed forces, tanks, artillery, helicopters, combat aircraft and missiles have been put in place in Eastern Ladakh along the 832 km undefined boundary. big chunk of this is equipment Like tanks and missiles-firing Trucks within five to seven kilometers of Each other crosses the border, which means that deployment can be done on short notice.

Another factor is the pending decision of Disputes in Dipsang, a 972 square kilometer plateau where both sides have problems over positioning of Troops, especially at the “bottleneck” on oriental edge of Dipsang. Sources said that India objects to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) intentionally blocking the Indian patrol route. Before April 2020, Indian patrols were running along the road, which China closed after the clashes brilliantly using item in Existing border agreements. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army stationed a set of vehicles that come and close the specified patrol route.

last hanging issue It is a continuous stay on periodicals in Gray area along the LAC where the two sides have overlapping claims.

decisive factors in Eastern Ladakh

  • Terrain in East Ladakh gives China edgeTroops can be mobilized in two days
  • high passes Closed in Winter, India will take two weeks or more more to mobilize forces
  • In the Dapsang Plateau, they both have problems over positioning of forces
  • India objects to PLA closing its patrol route
  • else issue is endowment on patrol in gray areas with Both make overlapping claims

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