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Kathy Budin, member of the Weather Underground, Kathy Budin dead at 78

Kathy Budin, who spent decades in prison for part of it in in deadly 1981 Armored Brink truck robbery as a dick of radical militant group Weather Underground, deceased of cancer in age of 78 in New York on Sunday.

In October 1981, Boudin and members of in group combined up with Black Liberation Army for robbery help fund their anti-government campaigns. They aimed at Brink’s armored personnel carrier. the truck they kept up in Rockland County, what does out with $1.6 million.

During the robbery, gunmen killed Brink’s bodyguard Peter Page before handing over money at U Haul truck per mile where 38-year-Old Buden sat in cabin.

truck was stopped by the police at a roadblock, where Boudin – unarmed – immediately surrendered. Arrows in in back of in truck jumped out outside and started firing on officers, killing two Long Island police officers – Sgt. Edward O’Grady and Officer Waverly Brown.

She pleaded guilty to first robbery and second-degree murder in in death of Page in 1984.

She spent 22 years in prison before she was paroled for good behavior in 2003.

Boudin spent 22 years in prison for her involvement in in deadly robbery made radical militant group Underground weather.
New York State Department of Correctional Services/Getty Images

After jailon, she was hired by Columbia School of Social worker as an add-on professor in 2008. She was hired as full-time professor in 2013, lecturing on issues facing convicts and members of their families upon release of a person from prison.

Buden was mother of San Francisco District Attorney Cheza Budin who last year successfully lobbied former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo commutes sentence of his father David Gilbert — who was also member of weather dungeon who was imprisoned for his role in stick-up.

Gilbert, who served as a shelter driver served a sentence of 75 years of life in prison with no possibility of parole until 2056. Gilbert is one of last survivor people involved in robbery.

Judith Clark, another former Member of the Weather Underground, served 35 years. of 75 years to life imprisonment for her role in shopping mall robbery in suburban Rockland County before Cuomo commuted her sentence in 2016. Conditionally released. in 2019.


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