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Jon Stewart responds to Ted Cruz’s ‘bullshit’ excuses for Contrasting Law PACT

In a few days of lobbying Republican senators from Capitol Hill and on the air of Newsmax and Fox News, Jon Stewart shows no signs of change up on in fight to pass Act to respect our pact, which give additional medical benefits for veterans who exposed to toxic burn pits overseas.

And although he may not have daily show platform more, he has a YouTube channel linked to with his Apple TV+ series which he used on Friday afternoon to answer directly to latest Excuses of Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz has been to the airport before in the day a TMZ correspondent cornered him to ask about Stewart’s crusade. “He’s actually pretty funny,” the Republican said. of Stuart before claiming support PACT law, even though it voted against It. With Diet Doctor Pepper in His hand, Cruz went on blame the democrats of playing “budget trickby taking on “discretionary” spending and moving to “mandatory”.

In response, Stewart called Cruise’s comments “inaccurate, not true bullshit” before systematically breaking down why his argument doesn’t make sense. “Now I don’t big-city“A Harvard-trained lawyer,” he said, “but I can read. It has always been a mandatory expense, so government Can not just cut off their funding at any time. No trick, no trick, been there the whole fucking time.

“That’s bullshit,” Stuart repeated, calling out Cruz for vote for check in June to joining big block of Republicans who switched sides though text of the score remained exactly the same.

Comedian and activist closed out his message with comparison of Cruz “praising our nation’s fighting to the skies”. men as well as women» and clip of he “punched his fist at his senate colleagues after the abolition of the same veterans benefits and medical care for toxic wounds.

“Bastard,” he concluded.

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