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Johnny Mercer: wife of fired minister calls Liz Truss an “imbecile” in row of nepotism

Wife of a minister fired by Liz Truss, named new prime minister “idiot” in a social media post about her husband’s dismissal.

Felicity Cornelius-Mercer hit out in new prime minister saying “system stinks” just hours after Ms Truss started the reshuffle.

She is also told her husband asked Mrs. Truss, “Why would you do that, who it will be better in this role than me who of your comrades get jobs, did you promise meritocracy?”

And she claimed new The Conservative leader replied, “I can’t answer that question, Johnny.”

Above the picture of doll dressed up like Miss Truss in Time one of televised debate, added: “This system stinks and treats people terribly the best person i am know fired by an idiot.”

Previously, Mr. Mercer, who didn’t say who he supported in Tory race leadership said he was “disappointed” at being fired as a veteran. affairs minister.

In a clear side kick on Miss Truss who was accused of filling her cabinet with clique of allies, he said he accepted prime minister is entitled to reward her supporters.

The surprise move MP for Plymouth Moor View also invited him to leave the House of Commons. He said, “I must admit that I will never have the qualities required for persistent success in politics as it stands, and to be fair to my wonderful family, I have to consider my future”.

Ms. Truss has started a reshuffle in her office. with selection of supporters of her rival Rishi Sunak, who fired Dominic Raab, Grant Shapps and Steve Barclay. Mr. Raab didn’t expect to stay in government after he described Mrs Truss’s tax plans as a “suicide note” during the struggle for leadership.

Before she won keys to No. 10, Conservative MPs urged Ms Truss to unite party and accept”big tent approach.

But her appointments in the cabinet on Tuesday suggested she surrounded herself with allies and supporters.

In publishing his letter, Mercer said that “the time has come for others to step up”. He also said he’d spend time with his family “and don’t do media Requests”.

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