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John Stewart rails against Pit burning law stalled: ‘That’s bullshit’

“So it’s not a bitch?” Stewart said Thursday at news conference on Capitol Hill. “Heroes of America, who fought our wars outside sweat their asses off, with oxygen fights all kinds of ailments while these bastards sit in in air conditioning off from any of It? They shouldn’t hear it. They shouldn’t see it. They don’t need to understand that they are people. Do you already understand?”

“And if this is America first, then America is fucked,” he said.

Stewart said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell lied to veterans by saying “we’ll do it” and then voting against check. Stuart also criticized Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, a Republican resigning at the end of of his term.

“Pat Toomey didn’t lose his job. He’s leaving,” Stewart said. “God knows what of pot of the gold he steps into to lobby for it government shit on more people. I’m used to everything of it, but I’m not used to cruelty.”

Stuart apologized for his foul language but then outlined what the senators voted for against, with a veteran saying that the bill “provides them with medical care, gives them benefits, allows them live becoming a drug addict keeps veterans from committing suicide.”

Senate procedural vote on Pit-burning law fails amid broad Republican opposition

“Senator Toomey isn’t going to hear this because he won’t sit down with this man because he’s a fucking coward. Can you hear me? Stuart said. of they will hear it. And no one of they won’t care.”

“Which just it hurts so much in the stomach more destructive is that these people everyone came down here so they can finally say men and — — said Stewart. off camera forthcoming of in news conference, half-sentence pause and tears up. “Their constituents dying. And they’re going to do it after the break? You don’t tell their cancer to take a break, tell their cancer to stay. home and visit their families.

toomey declined to comment on Criticism of Stewart, who said: “This is not worth in response to”. He denied as “absurd” that the objections to the bill were due to Democrats reaching a separate deal. on agreement act.

When asked for response to comments Stuart, spokesperson for McConnell pointed to floor remarks from Thursday morning. McConnell said he supports “substance of account, but added “even on legislation is basic and it costly the leader of the Democratic Party tried to block the Senate from any semblance of of a fair process for amendments.”

McConnell argued that the law as written “may also allow democrats effectively spend same money twice and include hundreds of billions in new unrelated expenses on discretionary side of federal budget”He pushed for a vote on an amendment from Toomey aimed at shaking in expenses from package.

Previously version of the law was passed by the Senate in 84-14 vote in June, but Senate Republicans vote en masse against procedural vote The Wednesday night that ends the debate on bill and tee it up for final pass, with 25 Republicans in the Senate who supported the previous version of vote on legislation against procedural vote.

“It total nonsense,” Democratic Senator Kristen Gillibrand. of New York said. “This is the worst form of I literally never saw frank politicization. it total BS. We have votes.”

gillibrand says she will ask for unanimous agreement on Thursday if she can get floor time” and the same times as I need to get it back on in floor.”

“We had strong bipartisan support for this bill. And at 11 o’clock, Senator Toomey decides he wants to rewrite the bill, she said. How did he convince 25 of his colleagues change them vote, I have no idea. What the hell? How did it happen? How will you change your mind when you’re about to pass a law that will save lives? It doesn’t make any sense. It’s outrageous and it should be accountability.”

Susan Zeyer, mother-in-law of late sergeant. 1st Grade Heath Robinson, for who the account is called is called out Republican senators who voted against bill Wednesday night.

“Heath’s senator was Senator Rob Portman,” Zeyer said. “They voted against my family. They voted for all of us suffer.”

“They are not give bullshit about veterans. As well as like someone said before, everyone one there are photos with veterans on their facebook pages on their website was through what they weren’t support veterans. If you voted against this bill, you don’t support veterans,” she said. – I’m done. And next time i come back here, better sign damn bill in the White House.”

Veterans caught in pits will receive extended medical care supportWhite House saysVeterans caught in pits will receive extended medical care supportWhite House says

representative for Portman told CNN to an Ohio Republican plans to vote for final pass of check, just how did he do it during original vote in June but what did he vote against procedural motion on Wednesday as way of expressing their dissatisfaction with way The Democratic leadership handled the amendment process.

Pelosi said move Republicans sharply change course last night is very hard explain. There is immorality in this, that 80% of Republicans will say no.”

“We all share confusion and all of This,” Pelosi said. We’re not going to stop until we’ve done our job. I don’t know what can we do to convince Republicans to do the right thing.”

The bill was discussed between Senate Veterans Affairs Chairman John Tester, a Democrat from Montana, and a senior Republican. on Committee, Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas. After failed vote Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas said Republicans supported the bill, but the agreement was for two amendment votes and that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer “retracted on that, “causing an uprising on in floor.

“Management of Democratic Party double crossed Senator Tester, Senator Moran, made agreement that there would be two amendments, Senator Schumer agreed to the same. And then they refused on this,” Kornin said.

Cornyn said Republicans hope to cut mandatory spending in in final package now that bill in limbo.

“This bill will eventually pass but it will more financially responsible,” he said.

“My view was what it needed pass. I want it to pass. I want do your best to see what it is passes sooner rather than later. And I was willing to wait to try and fix problems what do I see with legislation,” Moran said earlier. on Thursday. “And not all of my colleagues agree with what strategy.”

Stewart rejected assurances from Republicans that the bill would eventually pass.

“All cowards. All of them,” Stewart said. “Now they’re saying, ‘Well, it will be done. Maybe after we get back since our summer holidays, maybe during the “lame duck” – because they on Senate time. Do you understand that you live here? Senate time is ridiculous. These mother***era live up to 200. These are turtles. They are live forever and they will never lose their jobs and they will never lose their benefits and they will never lose all those things. Well they don’t on Senate time. They are on human time. Cancer time.

This story was updated with additional events Thursday.

EDIT: this story was updated to reflect correct spelling of Susan Zeyer.

CNN Manu Raju, Ted Barrett and Morgan Rimmer contributed to this report.

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