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Instagram, Tiktok and more: only every 25th influencer can make a living from their own account

Influencer on Instagram: Earning money, yes, living on it, mostly no. (Photo: fizkes / Shutterstock)
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A study examined the extent to which influencers or content creators can earn money with their accounts on Instagram or Tiktok. The answer: only a few can make a living from it.

For many, especially young people, they are so-called influencers or content creators Role models. They use their presence in social networks to advertise products and services. As a simple formula, the more followers there are, the more money you can make with it. The AI ​​analysis platform Hypeauditor has now published a study that got to the bottom of the question of influencers’ income.

Many people earn, but only few earn well

So at least there was almost half (49 percent) of the influencers surveyed said they wanted to earn money with their respective accounts. The other side of the coin: only 4 percent can finance their lives completely from it, in other words: live from their work. Another 26 percent of those surveyed assume that this will change in the future. The few high earners, only one in 25 influencers, have an average income of 5,912 US dollars, according to the study. If you look at all of the 49 percent of influencers who said they were generating income, the average earnings drop to $ 2,970.

A comparison of so-called micro-influencers with 1,000 to 10,000 followers and so-called mega influencers with over a million followers. The latter earn an average of $ 15,356 a month. With micro-influencers it is 1,420 dollars – with an average of 24 hours per week that influencers put into their accounts, an hourly wage of 32 dollars per hour comes together, as Onlinemarketing.de calculates. However, most influencers put countless hours into building their social media presence.

50 Millions of content creators worldwide

In total The study organizers reckon that 50 million people around the world call themselves content creators. “Unfortunately there is still little transparency. There is hardly any other industry in the world that is growing at such a rate and creating so many new small businesses, ”says Hypeauditor CEO Alex Frolov. As part of the study, almost 1,900 influencers worldwide, each with at least 1,000 followers, were surveyed.

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