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history behind royal name

British new The king officially chose a royal name of Charles III. it means he takes on the name that bears with This is a complex historical baggage.

Indeed, it is believed that the king seriously considered choosing the name George VII in honor of his grandfather, in part because of controversial legacy of Charles I and II.

Charles I who ruled from 1625 to 1649 one of The most famous British monarchs. Recent revisionist histories have sought to soften his image as the intentions of an authoritarian leader. on demolition of parliament. However, little can be avoided fact that his reign triggered The English Civil War ended in his test for betrayal and his beheading.

During his rule the three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland were divided with religious strife, while Charles himself insisted on his divine right to rule in spite of of Parliament. That, in combination with Charles’s marriage to a French Catholic woman and his suspicions of Catholic inclinations upset his parliamentarians. who eventually rebelled and sign his death order.

Charles II was asked to restore the monarchy in 1660 after 11 years of Commonwealth and pursued political and religious tolerance. Nonetheless, like his father before him, he had Catholic inclinations, which are bad with his deeply Protestant subjects. He fell out with Parliament, dissolving it in 1681 and ruled without him until his death four years later.

His son, James II, will be overthrown in 1688 in most of his Catholicism. Exactly then ultimate sovereignty of Parliament was certified once and for all.

Prince William and Catherine changed titles

On the queen of death the duke of Cambridge – also known as Prince William – became Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge. How the elder Charles son inherited the dukedom and will now look after the estate of duchy of Cornwall.

His wife Katherine will be called the Duchess. of Cornwall and Cambridge.

At some stage they will be known as prince and princess. of Wales, but it’s not automatic.

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