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George Soros already has bitcoins in his investment fund

Soros Fund Management, the investment management firm of billionaire George Soros, owns an undetermined amount of bitcoin (BTC), as confirmed in an interview with its CEO.

Dawn Fitzpatrick, CEO and financial director of the firm, held an interview with the Bloomberg media on October 5, 2021, where she assured that bitcoin is not only being used as a safeguard of value against inflation, but that it has become a phenomenon mainstream (popular).

He also confirmed that decentralized finance applications (DeFi) that can be deployed on Bitcoin seem more interesting than currency itself. “We have some bitcoins, but not much,” Fitzpatrick said.

The comment was made when he explained that the Federal Reserve measures were causing the relationship of the dollar and gold to be financially dislodged. Given this explanation, the journalist Erik Schatzker pointed out that BTC already exceeds USD 50,000, which aroused the enthusiasm of Fitzpatrick.

The executive also highlighted that the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies already reaches USD 2 billion and 200 million users in the world.

The price of BTC stands at 54,388.73 at the time of this publication, according to the CryptoNoticias bitcoin price calculator, and its capitalization exceeds one trillion dollars.

“We have some bitcoins, but not many,” says Fitzpatrick. Source: Bloomberg Live / youtube.com

CriptoNoticias reported last June the investment of George Soros’s fund in bitcoin, which by then was just a rumor, but it already was confirmed. This represents a change of narrative with respect to George Soros himself, who in 2018 assured that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were nothing more than a bubble, according to reports.

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