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“ECP Receives Verdict in Banning Funding from Elsewhere”


Discontinuation of Prohibited Financing Case decision “wrong”, former prime minister and Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Friday that election commission of Pakistan (ECP) received a verdict “from somewhere else”.

“We did not hide any of financing [from the ECP]”, Imran said during the meeting. with senior journalists and presenters at his Bani Gala in Islamabad.

former the prime minister said that party did not indulge in nothing illegal. Founder of Dubai-based Abraaj Group Arif Naqvi said he did not engage in illegal financing, adding that questions asked after the law was passed changed in 2017.

“They bring bills to me Shaukat khanum… I don’t know of what’s happened in every account. We are not hidden any accounts, added.

Hit out at EHZ, Imran said he passed the verdict against eight times and later the courts corrected them. Fundraising completed in everything is the same over in world. If there is money came to party which the should did not come then maximum what can be done is to confiscate it money,” he added.

Recognition that the appointment of Chief Electoral Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja was “critical mistake”, exiled prime minister said he was told that the Raja was acceptable to both sides and that he would not tolerate any injustice.

The head of PTI further stated that he was not afraid of be disqualified. “In Toshakhan [case]everything is stated … we are not in Any danger because of It. They won’t be able finish our party as public movement cannot be stopped like what.”

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He also asked why only the verdict in the PTI funding case had been announced, requiring issue sentences of PML-N and PPP must be announced soon. “Both of them should give check of the funds they received in their accounts.”

He said that he decided to participate in the competition. on nine seats in the National Assembly at the same time. “My legal advisers are looking into this, and if there are no legal obstacles, I myself will participate in this election,” he said. added.

‘They tried arrest to me’

Imran Khan said that during the long march he was given false guarantees regarding [general] elections. “When the date of a distant march was approaching, I was told to postpone it and at the same time tried arrest me, he added.

former prime minister said there was no dispute with army and there was no disagreement over any appointment. He said that new army commander should come from an institution on price.

Reaffirming your position over polls in country, he said it was in interest of Pakistan to hold early and immediate elections. “Solving the problem of the country problems lies in strong government coming in and search for solutions to these problems’, he said further.

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