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Delhi Schools – NCR revises timing and limits outdoor activities as mercury levels rise | Delhi latest news

With the heat wave sweeping national Capital, schools are now taking action including review of School schedules, outdoor activities restricted, stocking rehydration syrup (ORS) and glucose bags and stimulation children to remain moist , news PTI reported.

An intense heat wave pushed mercury to rise across vast areas of India with temperature in Delhi rising to 46 degrees Celsius. The national capital also recorded for her second hottest april in 72 years with monthly average maximum temperature of 40.2 degrees Celsius.

Earlier this week, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) announced a new bout of Likely to cause a heat wave begin over Northwest India from May 7th and over Central India from 8 May.

While school closures due to the heat wave are not option As suggested by experts where the offline classes started from new session Almost two years later due to the epidemic caused by Covid.

According to Sony’s ghost, the head of Shree Ram Wonder Years School in Rohini, all outside activities are restricted in waking up of The rising Temperatures.

School dates will also They are reviewed according to prevailing and dispersal terms in afternoon peak hours It will be avoided to prevent heat Strokes and energy drain among students.

“we also You have an emergency kit for usewhich consists of oral rehydration salts, glucose and oral electrolytes children so they need He. She. The school staff performs a comprehensive examination on children And constantly motivate them to drink water to deal with the heat wave.”

Anshu Mittal, Director of The MRG school, Rohini, said they have also reduced Large-scale outdoor activities to protect students from exposure to heat.

“Students are often motivated to drink a lot of liquids to maintain its freshness and moisture. we also You have a school clinic with Well-trained staff for treat students if there are any health risks,” said the principal.

sprinkle water on School grounds and balcony to bring them down Mittal said.

“we also Make conscious efforts to hold consultative sessions to spread awareness about preventive measures for heatstroke among students and also Encourage them follow These steps she said.

In the midst of an intense heat wave across the country, the center had last Week urged states and union territories to review The readiness of their health facility for Availability of Sufficient quantities of medicines and equipment While ensuring adequate drinking water and business continuity of Cooling devices in critical Regions.

was the center also advised people to avoid Getting out in the sun, especially between 12 noon and 3 pm, avoid When strenuous activities outside in afternoon and avoid Alcohol, tea, coffee or drinks with Big amount of Sugar, indicating these may lead to lose of more body liquid or cause stomach cramps;

was the center also advised people to avoid High-protein food and stale food that doesn’t leave out children or pets in parked vehicles.

“The rising heat makes it impossible step in the fresh air. School began to put an end to sports Activities as precautionary measures … A workshop among students about how To maintain its moisture, the importance of Loaded healthy meals with Harinder Kumar Sharma, Director of Carbs & Proteins, said: of TDI International School, Kondli.

Ashish Kumar Sharma, Operations Manager of gorse group of schools said parents They are advised to keep children ever wet timesAnd give A lot of them of Liquids to strengthen and activate immunity for school day.

“we ensure That the proper temperature is maintained in classrooms and school buildings…teachers always encourage students to drink water in regular periods. we also Planning to set restrictions on outdoor activities due to rising Mercury “.


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