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China participates in the OIC moot to strengthen relations with Mussulman world: Wang Yi

ISLAMABAD: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday that Beijing would attend the 48th meeting of Board of the OIC of Foreign Ministers – scheduled for recruitment place March 22-23 – for develop a partnership with the Muslim world as well as promoting unity and cooperation for multilateralism.

The Chinese foreign minister after his bilateral meeting with Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, told reporters that the CFM theme of “Building partnerships for Unity, justice and development “. great meaning in the current scenery – and it was also the main purpose of Chinese participation.

In what FM Qureshi described as a “very complete and detailed meeting”, the two foreign ministers discussed bilateral cooperation, regional situation and international issues including Afghanistan and Ukraine.

The meeting between the two ministers involved discussions on different topics ranging from international matters like Afghanistan and Ukraine to boost exports of Pakistan.

Qureshi, who he addressed a press conference along with his Chinese counterpart, told reporters that he was for the first time that the foreign Chinese minister would participate and face the CFM moot.

Previously, both countries also signed documents for strengthen cooperation in the fields of higher education and agriculture during a ceremony also testified by the two foreign ministers.

Qureshi told them also discussed the extension of the China-Pakistan economic corridor to Afghanistan. The Chinese FM assured for a review considering the changed situation in the war-torn country.

While discussing trade and investment cooperation, Qureshi said, China has expressed the wish for export of Pakistani rice and wheat in in order to increase the country’s exports.

The two foreign ministers discussed counter-terrorism cooperation and a coordinated approach to negotiations with the terrorist outfits including ETIM and TTP.

Wang Yi spoke out loud of of Pakistan steps for the security of Chinese citizens in Pakistan and also strict action praised against those involved in Dasu terrorist attack.

FM Qureshi thanked China for supporting Pakistan in Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and told reporters that his counterpart had insured the country of its constant support until its removal from the Gray List.

He also thanked China for giving a rollover of $ 2 billion to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) a support of Pakistan economy And also mentioned his upcoming visit in China within a few days which, according to him, has shown the limit of interaction, cooperation and understanding.

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