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California has already won net neutrality

A federal judge has ruled that California may enforce the Internet Neutrality Act, which would result in a ban on ISPs blocking, speeding up, or slowing down certain selected sites and services. The decision represents another legal victory for the state of California in the case, as the U.S. Department of Justice has also waived its right to challenge the law. and decided that, due to concerns about the unregulated nature of the issue, the law, which has been suspended since 2018, could enter into force.

California has already won net neutrality

The four remaining trade groups (American Cable Association, CTIA, National Cable and Telecommunications Association and USTelecom) stated that they would review the reasoning of the judgment and then decide on further action. In any case, it was added that if internet regulation changes from state to state, it will confuse consumers and hold back developments. They agreed with the court that a fragmented approach to the issue was detrimental and that the U.S. Congress was expected to provide comprehensive legislation on Internet openness.

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