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Balochistan CM looking for immediate help for flood relief – Newspaper

Quetta: Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Kudus Bizenjo on Saturday said the province is in immediate need financial help rehabilitate flood- affected citizens, as the devastation drawn provinces 20 years back.

Presiding over the meeting on Saturday, chief minister said the unprecedented rains and floods had disrupted back of people depriving them of all their life savings.

“They are not in position to survive without help from the federal and provincial governments,” said Mr. Bizenho, referring to the plight of victims.

He said government meet the needs of flood victims and help they rebuild their lives even if the province has to take out a loan. “We will knock on every door to streamline resources and bring happiness back for in people who were destroyed by floods.

He said provincial government asked the center to provide grants in accordance with the losses incurred by the province at the hands of of it’s a natural disaster.

He also announced what government would rebuild each house It was destroyed in floods.

Published in Dawn, September 4, 2022

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