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After a homemade solar panel, here is a homemade windmill.

Although solar and wind energy are reliable sources of energy, the former was mainly used for domestic use – of course, in those happy parts of the world where the government does not stop

Of course, there is a reason for using solar panels at home: it is relatively easy to install flat panels on the roofs of houses afterwards, so even previously built houses can be upgraded in this way, while in the case of wind energy, sophisticated devices are still needed, which are usually difficult to harmonize with the living environment.

A rooftop wind turbine is more efficient than solar panels (Photo: Aeromine Technologies)

However, this may change due to developments such as the so-called bladeless or rotorless technology developed by Aeromine Technolog ies. (bladeless), small wind turbines. According to the company, one such unit can produce as much energy as 16 solar panels, writes Electrek, which allows Aeromine Technologies to say about its development that it produces 50 percent more energy than if we installed solar panels on the roof . at home for the same money.

Our technology works in a similar way to racing car spoilers, from which we can capture and amplify the flow air around buildings. Another advantage is that the installation requires only 10 percent of the area of ​​solar panels installed on the roof. Thus, the Aeromine power unit is able to produce energy quietly and constantly in any weather

– Aeromine writes about the wind turbine is designed for home use .

The installation can also be combined with previously installed solar panels, so that, in addition, according to the company, it is possible to save on energy storage costs, since the dual system can produce energy almost continuously.

Although Aeromine Technologies primarily offers its products to commercial players, ie. their appearance is most likely on the roofs of office buildings, squares and factory buildings, similar, small wind turbines are sure to appear around residential buildings sooner or later.

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