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10 Things You Should Know About Some Animal Crossing Neighbors

10 things you should know about some Animal Crossing neighbors

Animal Crossing is a saga that is characterized, among other things, by having a wide range of villagers (which increases with each delivery) who can live in your village or island.

Well Well, each of them has their own personality, tastes and way of speaking, which makes them unique. For this reason, the user’s channel ‘Crossing Channel’ on YouTube has recently published a video in which he tells us 10 really curious facts that we should know about some of these characters.

You can take a look at the video below:

  • 1. Monica seems to pay homage to «Animal Crossing’s grandmother» named Audey in English
  • two. Solomín is based on the nutcracker
  • 3. Cube is inspired by GameCube and its debut was on that console
  • 4. Croco is a metallic crocodile, although it was previously thought to be made of plastic
  • 5. Saltiago is actually an inflatable rabbit
  • 6. Ranobot and Burst are also robots and have the numbers 59 and 04 on their heads respectively, hinting that there are more specimens like them
  • 7. Octavio is related to aliens, something that is also associated with octopuses in other games like Super Mario
  • 8. Cabbage (Jacob in the US) has a different name in the UK: Jacky, unknown why
  • 9. Victoria is inspired by horse racing
  • 10. Ramón has a punk attitude and seems to be inspired by 70’s bands
  • Bonus: César and Michifuz have some very peculiar photos

What do you think? Did you know any of them? Leave us your opinion in the comments!

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