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Artist Marko Terzo presents Logan Paul with impressive Pokémon themed boxing gloves

The artist Marko Terzo gives Logan Paul some impressive Pokémon themed boxing gloves

Logan Paul is one of those multifaceted youtubers who in recent times is giving something to talk about two main issues: the opening of Pokémon TCG card packs and his career in the world of boxing. In fact, his fights against KSI have been truly famous and his evolution It has led him to make a fight against Floyd Mayweather himself, a fight that has been postponed due to the situation that is currently plaguing the world.

For this reason, the artist Marko Terzo, also well known within the YouTube platform, has wanted to give a new gift to his partner Logan Paul. It is nothing less than some Pokémon themed boxing gloves . In one of the gloves there is a fierce-looking Pikachu while in the other glove you can see special Poké Balls with the artist’s own touch.

It is not the first time that Logan Paul receives this type of gifts from his partner, but these gloves have been, without a doubt, one of the ones that has touched the fiber the most. Paul. This is what he has made known in the video that we leave below these lines, with expressions such as “this is my favorite, you have shown off”. It has been joked that he will use them in the future fight against Mayweather, something that seems unlikely.

Without a doubt, these gloves work a real special detail with the image of Pokémon. What do you think?


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