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Tallywhacker: With this smart home device you drive your neighbors crazy

The Tallywhacker. (Screenshot: Reddit / t3n)
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Are your neighbors from above nervous? Our find shows how you can get them back – but we do not accept any liability!

How can it actually be that with roughly 83 million people living in Germany, always exactly those living above me who prefer to practice tap dancing at night and on weekends and who otherwise behave in a highly disruptive manner? In such a situation, it would be constructive to go upstairs, seek a conversation – and hope for the best. If you like it a little more passive-aggressive, knock on the ceiling with a broomstick – and hope for the best. And if you just want to see everything burn – build a nerve device.

With the Tallywhacker you can kill your neighbors

Tallywhacker – in German: Schniedel – is what a resourceful Reddit user calls the device that he built solely for his neighbors from above to really drive insane. To do this, a spring doorstop is hit by a plastic arch at irregular intervals of 5 to 30 seconds. The result is the vibration of a strong spring that is transmitted directly to the ground. According to the 21st century, the device can be integrated into the smart home of its creator thanks to an Arduino platform and can be switched on or off with a corresponding voice command.

The plastic arch of the Tallywhacker is driven by a motor that is actually built into remote control cars, spring door stoppers are available for a few euros and thankfully the creator has also made the Arduino code available – whoever has it wants to torture your own neighbor, you can easily recreate the device.

The spring is caused to vibrate by the plastic arch at irregular intervals, which it relates directly to the ceiling in a manner that passes on the floor of the neighbor (Screenshot: Reddit / t3n)

And because humans – tap-dancing neighbors, Tallywhackers – are civilized and have something like an aesthetic awareness, the inventor has a cover for the Tallywhacker from the 3D printer added. That doesn’t look otherwise either – what should the neighbors think?

It should also look pretty: Its inventor even gave the Tallywhacker a cover. (Screenshot: Reddit / t3n)

With all the enthusiasm for this creative project, t3n would like to expressly point out that we assume no liability if you recreate the Tallywhacker and become homeless as a result.

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