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Liz Truss conducts clear-out of Sunak’s supporters as she builds a “cabinet” of friends

Hope Liz Truss of uniting her party after a tense struggle for leadership were tonight in risk after she carried out a brutal cleaning of the office of supporters of rival Rishi Sunak in her first hours as prime minister.

new PM built top team of close allies including Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor and James Cleverly as a foreigner secretary, with hardline right-winger Suella Braverman is a supporter of of withdrawal from the European Court of Justice of Human rights – becoming home secretary and Teresa Coffey appointed British first woman deputy prime minister and get a health certificate.

Jacob Rees-Mogg was made business secretary after participating in negotiation with energy companies on a package of measures to combat cost of life crisis to be made public on Thursday and is expected to include £2,500. price to freeze for households worth £90bn, as well as additional help for enterprises.

One former minister said Independent of concerns that Miss Truss was creating cabinet of cronies”, giving her personal loyalty over current competencies of an almost unprecedented crisis.

As well as former veterans minister Johnny Mercer blamed her of favoring friends when he was fired, along with prominent Sunak cabinet supporters Dominic Raab, Grant Shapps, Steve Barkley and George Eustis.

Appointments meant that for in first time in UK history nobody of four great offices of the state belongs to the white man, in a move hailed tory as a blow for “meritocracy”.

But former minister said he was “concerned that she creating cabinet of friends who will cause she is the same problems what Boris Johnson had – in the end, people felt that they were not need to support his”.

minister added: “A lot of of people hoped she would more inclusive. There are competent people who should to be in cabinet who won’t be and we need the most competent people we can get at that time of so massive challenges”.

Shadow cabinet minister Peter Kyle said decision send big hitters from earlier Tory administrations on the benches was a sign of deep cracks in Miss Truss party.

“Tori party now out of control and incapable of board,” he said.

Miss Truss decided to put her seal on in government within minutes of reached number 10 after being appointed the third female British Prime Minister by the Queen at Balmoral.

Speaking on in steps of her new residence in a short break between thunderstorms, she acknowledged that the country is waiting for severe times ahead, but said: “We should not be afraid challenges we face.

“No matter how strong the storm, I know British people stronger. Together we can ride out storm we can rebuild our economy”.

Borrowing a phrase coined by David Cameron in 2012 she said she would use tax cuts and reforms to create a “nation of aspiration”, naming the economy, the energy crisis and the NHS as her top three priorities.

She said with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated Britain’s “unshakable position”. support”.

And she got call from US President Joe Biden, who reminded new EVENINGS – who introduced the law on the rupture up Northern Ireland protocol on post- Brexit border measures – of in need to defend the Good Friday Agreement.

Although a disappointed Mr. Mercer limited himself to remarking that Miss Truss “has a right to reward her supporters,” his wife Felicity said he clashed with the prime minister in its communities office over her decision to drop his.

In a tweet illustrated by a doll under “Liz for “Leader,” said Ms. Cornelius-Mercer. husband didn’t get an answer when he asked new PM: “Who will be better at this role than me who of are your comrades getting jobs? You promised meritocracy.

“This system stinks and treats people terrible,” said the wife of the MP from Plymouth. “The best person that I know fired by an idiot.”

Meanwhile, green groups have expressed dismay at Rees-Mogg being given direct responsibility. for energy and climate change.

Friends of Earth called the appointment “deeply disturbing,” pointing to Mr. Rees-Mogg’s recent suggestion that “everyone last drop” of oil and gas should be retrieved from the North Sea.

And Labor climate change spokesman Ed Miliband accused him of of desire to undermine science on climate change and creation wrong calls on questions like fracturing.

Liberal Democrat cabinet spokesman Christine Jardine said: “Less than 100,000 people voted for Liz Truss K lead our country is still instead of in search of a consensus she left for a closet that will please only the right wing. Jacob Rees-Mogg, climate change denier, is trusted with protecting the planet during a climate emergency is unfathomable.”

Other appointments included former leadership contenders Penny Mordaunt as leader of Communities and Kemi Badenoch as international trade secretary.

Miss Truss confirmation as 56th in UK prime minister and a third woman holder of in post followed Mr. Johnson’s ferocious morning farewell speech, who erroneously claimed that rules was changed remove him from office.

The outgoing prime minister promised his “hot” support for his successor, but undermined his own claim that he was leaving the front line for good politics comparing himself to Roman general Cincinnatus, who was called from his farm to take on dictatorial rule in time of a crisis.

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