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Dadu offline due to bridge collapse near Sehwan


Overflowing water from Lake Manchar on Tuesday reached the Indus Highway, partially collapsing a bridge near Sehwan. city and subsequently cutting off the Dadu area on both sides of in main highway.

Traffic Police DSP Dr. Israr Tunio said that all kinds of of traffic to Dadu was blocked. “One track is completely damaged,” he said. Express Tribune. He said traffic was redirected to Talti. “Everyone going to Dadu will have to take a different route from Talti,” he said. added.

Water flowing from Manchhar Lake flooded the highway in various points Tuesday morning with the district administration had already informed residents and passengers that area can be cut off any time.

It is pertinent to mention that the Indus Highway from Khairpur Nathan Shah was already was flooded for over a week.

Embankments of Manchar Lake was given two more cuts on Monday as the only violation on Sunday failed to reduce water pressure.

flood level on the lake that spread out over 200 square kilometers reportedly shot up up to 126 reduced levels (RL) yesterday, after which the irrigation authorities decided to open the lake from reduced distance (RD) 50 and 52. A day ago, they gave a cut on RD14.

Fourth violation in the lakefront was made today at Zero point, which can flood many more areas including Bhan Sayedabad. Three people were washed away by the rushing waters after the break was made but were rescued by the locals.

“We widened the previous gap in Manchar to reduce in rising water level, “provincial irrigation minister Jam Khan Shoro told Reuters on Monday.

Dozens of villages located near Zero point of Lake Manchar was flooded after a breakthrough made officials. Residents began to evacuate homes and carried all they could to save their property from flood water.

“Until yesterday there was a huge pressure on dams of the cities of Jokhi and Mehar, but people fight it out by strengthening dams”, district official Murtaza Shah said adding that 80% to 90% of the townspeople had already fled.

Those who remain trying to reinforce existing dams with The equipment was provided by district officials.

The waters turned the neighboring town of Johi in virtual island like a dam built local residents back water.

Several families are reported to be in a difficult situation. flood waters and rescue work was not carried out. The residents claimed government did not give proper instructions about the situation after violations made in embankment of the lake.

crop fields on or side of Indian Highway is also was flooded.

According to local residents and officials from the irrigation department, Dadu soon be cut off from Sevan, as the water from Lake Manchkhar is expected to flood region.

rising waters have also The nearby Sehwan Airport flooded, civil aviation authorities said.

“People leave their homes like level of water from the lake flows into rise”, – said Zahid Hussein Memon. of The village of Bagh Yusuf Memon, located near Sehwan. city.

Already 100000 people were moved from their homes in efforts to keep the lake from spilling, which authorities fear could affect hundreds of thousands more.

The Indian Highway is already sunk near Khairpur by Nathan Shah, making travel to Larkana from Karachi, Hyderabad and Dadu nearly impossible.

With more more rain expected in the next month, the situation may worsen even more, official of The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) warned of this.

“We fear that the situation may worsen,” said Indrika Ratvatte, a spokesperson for the agency. director for Asia and the Pacific, adding that Pakistan weather officials’ forecast more rains for next month.

“It will raise challenges for flood surviving and likely worsening conditions for Near half million displaced peopleforced more give up your homes.”

UNHCR works with Pakistani authorities step up humanitarian supplies, if more people moved in in the area Ratvatta added, while the Foreign Office announced three more UN humanitarian flights arrive on Tuesday.

Manchhar hacked to ease pressure

Spilled water from the lake entered and drowned five union councils (SC), Jaffarabad, Talti, Channa, Arazi and Bubak. Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah Wakhar Village and Sehwan Airport also fell into flood water.

On Saturday, Manchara flooded the rural towns of Jhangar and Bajar, one of what is the place of birth of chief minister late father, Syed Abdullah Shah, who also served as executive director of provinces in in past.

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According to the provincial government and irrigation services flood it is expected that the situation in Mancharar last for at least eight to ten days. The water from the lake will be released into the Indus River. in a higher quantity only after reduction of in flood level in river.

(Additional Reuters contribution)

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