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The government approved a 150% increase in manual for bureaucrats


The federal cabinet approved in principle give manager’s bonus of 150% of in basic salary in government officials of 17-22 class in on sample of provinces.

It has also it was proposed to increase the amount of the allowance, but final decision would made after conditions have been set.

The administrative allowance is already given government employees in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh.

federal budget offers give allowance for non-compliance with officers of the 22nd class. it also proposes to increase the compensation allowance for officers of 20-22 ranks from 14,000 to 25,000 rupees.

15% increase in salaries of government employees will contact basic salary of 2017. After that, special allowances will be combined with what amount.

As a result, employees retiring on July 1 will receive in the form of pensions.

The day before the federal government at disclosure budget for 2022-23, was announced 15% increase in salary of in government employees, as well as an increase of 5% in pensions for pensioners.

” prime minister rejected the proposal of the Ministry of Finance of 10% increase and approved the increase in government employee wages of fifteen% with agreement of cabinet,” Federal Information Minister Marrium Aurangzeb tweeted.

“Merger of special allowances for basic payment approved,” she said. added.

A few hours before budget was presented government employees protested and blocked the road outside in parliament buildingdespite the heavy contingents of the police and demanded a blow in their salaries, pensions and medical benefits.

government satisfied their demands and subsequently announced promotion.

However, his only measure is a proposal to impose a fee of 50 rupees per liter of gasoline. for additional income of 300 billion rupees – not only eclipsed some good measures, but may also make it hard for in coalition partners to protect budget.

government offered 740 billion rupees new taxes, including Rs 440 billion tax measures proposed by the Federal Council of Income. A little of major relief measures will be offset by increased in Gasoline prices due to a fee of 50 rupees per liter along with 17% sales tax.

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