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State Food Security Authority Pays 1.29 Billion Rials to Wheat Farmers in 2023 Season

The State Food Security Authority Pays Contributions to Wheat Farmers

Twelfth Installment Payment

The State Food Security Authority paid the contributions for the twelfth installment to local wheat farmers, including payment to the beneficiaries of the contractual relationship between (farmers and agricultural companies) who delivered the amount allocated to them for this 1444/1445 AH season. (2023 AD), and closed their accounts through the My Harvest electronic platform on the website of the official institution.

Net Amount Deposited in Farmers’ Bank Accounts

The net amount that was deposited in the farmers’ bank accounts for this shipment was 132.4 million rials, worth 72.57 thousand tons for 168 farmers, including 10 farmers who have contractual relationships with companies, resulting in a total paid to farmers for this season in the amount of 1.29 billion rials, and in the amount of 732.7 thousand tons – to 2228 farmers.

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Receiving Local Wheat for the Current Season

The authorities started receiving local wheat from farmers for the current season starting from Shaaban 27 1444 AH and the net amount received from farmers to date is 970.77 thousand tons for 3023 farmers.

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