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Removal of 206 kidney stones in one hour from a 56-year-old man in Hyderabad

was the man on Medication prescribed to him by a local health practitioner.


After a painful period six-Month ordealA 56-yearOld man from Hyderabad got some rest at doctors removed 206 kidney stones after an hour’s surgery.

Doctors at Aware Gleneagles International Hospital removed Stones from Viramla Ramalakshmayeh, inhabitant of Nalgonda, by keyhole surgery. he was on Medication prescribed to him by a local health practitioner who was only able to provide him temporary relief.

However, the pain continued to affect his daily routine, and he wasn’t able to perform his duties efficiently.

Dr. Polya Naveen Kumar, Senior Consultant Urologist at the hospital, said, “Initial investigations and ultrasound scans revealed the presence of of multiple left Renal calculi (kidney stones on The left side), and the same was reiterated with CT Kub scan. “

the doctor said patient Advise and prepare for Keyhole surgery last one An hour when all the stones were removed.

Dr. Navin Kumar was supported by Dr. Venu Man, Consultant Urologist, Dr. Mohan, Anesthesiologist, and other members of Nursing and support staff in Action.

Mr. Ramalakshmaya recovered well after the operation, Dr. Naveen addedcame out on The second day.

Doctors in hospital added That high temperatures in Summer increase cases of between drought peoplewhich can result in formation – composition of stones in the kidneys; They recommend it people Consume more Water and coconut water, if possible, to keep it moist.


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