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Pau Gazols on the possibility of returning to the Lakers: Of course, that wouldn't be bad

Pau Gazols on the possibility of returning to the Lakers: Of course, that wouldn't be bad
Pau Gazols | Photo: amicohoops.net

Spanish basketball star Pau Gazols has not yet finished his career as a professional basketball player and wants to return to the field when he has healed all his injuries.

A 40-year-old Spaniard said in an interview with the Italian newspaper la Repubblica that one of the options for returning could be a National Basketball Association (NBA) club. Los Angeles Lakers, currently represented by his brother Mark.

Lakers? Of course that wouldn’t be bad. It depends on various factors that I cannot control. I am currently focusing on my daily work to cure my left leg injury. Everything that will be after that in any case will be special, “admitted Gazols.

Already in December, the Lakers were called in connection with the basketball player. ”Organization. “There’s meaning and history,” Gazols told North American media ESPN, winning titles with the Lakers in 2009 and 2010 with Kobe Brianent. “I will not lie. That would be very special, especially now that my brother is there. I am not in a position to be very demanding at the moment. I don’t have 10 different offers at the moment. “

Gazols played his last professional basketball game on March 10, 2019, representing the Milwaukee Bucks. Since then, he has undergone a number of left-foot operations, which led to the omission of the 2019 playoffs, as well as the World Cup in which Spain triumphed.

Foreign media reports that Gazols would like to end his career after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, which means that one season the NBA champion will probably have to play at the club level as well. During his career, the basketball player has played for such teams as “Barcelona”, “Grizzlies” in Memphis, “Lakers” in Los Angeles, “Bulls” in Chicago, “Spurs” in San Antonio and “Bucks” in Milwaukee. He is the third issue of the 2001 NBA Draft.

Gazol is a two-time NBA champion, six-time NBA Star Player as also the best debutant of the 2002 league. He is also a three-time European champion with the Spanish national team and winner of the 2006 World Cup.

Pau Gasol on his future: Lakers? Sure, it wouldn’t be badhttps: //t.co/1s4IzMHyyI

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